Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Naked Hiking Suggestions

"When contemplating going for a naked hike for the first time, there are three major points which come to mind. While some of these might appear obvious, at first sight, they are really core to the activity and deserve a little thought.

1. Choose a location which tends to be sparsely populated. If you meet people all well and good, but you don't want to go out of your way to do so.

2. Do not hide when anyone approaches, or remain silent, rather go about your walk as you would if you were dressed and exchange minor greetings in passing with people you pass. The idea is not to strike up conversations but to ensure everyone is aware that going hiking naked is a perfectly normal happenstance.

3. The "safety in numbers" rule works from both ends. Join an existing naked hiking group where possible, or create one from a loose affiliation of occassional enthusiasts in the area. All the better if you can get a woman or two to join also, as predictably fewer people will take umbrage with a mixed group of naked hikers than with the solo male. As is predictable.

It might also help to take a look at reports from experienced naked hikers, like the ones you can find online here:http://www.naktiv.net/walks/index.html

and here:http://www.naktiv.net/newt/index.html

Good luck and remember above all to enjoy.” - Rich

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