Friday, May 7, 2010

Freehiking Brazil

“. . . we flew to bustling Sao Paulo [Brazil] and met up with . . . friends. Together we went down to a wonderful beach on Fortaleza Bay . . . Since we were with non-naturist friends, I feared that I would not have any opportunity for naturism, but one afternoon I was the only one interested in taking a hike along the forested coastline, and my opportunity materialized. As soon as I hit the trail . . . I took my clothes off. . . I arrived at . . . a beautiful deserted sandy beach backed by mountains and forest. There was one couple already there (topless, I think), so I put on my shorts to walk past them. At the far end of the beach I continued nude up the trail which rises to the crest of the peninsula before descending on the other side to a small fishing village. At the crest I turned around and walked back . . . I had the entire beach to myself. After a relaxed swim, I hiked nude all the way back. Along the way I took a side trail that led to some big rocks by the water that, when not in use by fishermen, would be great for all-over tanning. All in all I got to spend about three hours nude that afternoon. . . Continuing north . . . we arrived at . . . Ibitipoca State Park. . . The centerpiece of the park is a one-sided canyon with a fast-flowing stream making numerous waterfalls, and even cutting through the wall at one point to make a tunnel under a natural bridge. . . Since no one else was there, I stripped down as soon as I got out of sight of the snack bar at the top. I freehiked and skinny-dipped all day, exploring falls, pools, overlooks and caves in the park, dressing only on the few occasions where I was directly within sight of the snack bar. . . we spent one final day . . . Good Hope Farm . . . On the property of the Fazenda are four major waterfalls on a perfectly clear, fast-flowing stream. We were the only guests, so I was able to enjoy all the trails and the swimming holes as nature intended. It was a perfect ending to a satisfying naturist adventure.” - Milt

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