Monday, May 3, 2010

Freehiking Only for Males?

“Is Freehiking strictly a male pastime? I was part of a non-landed club that had about a 60/40 mix of men to women and they did go on hikes especially to natural hot springs, etc. I just think that men are more outdoors oriented and due to that there are more who are into freehiking. However I have also found that if you are a member of an outdoors type club something like the Sierra Club or another eco friendly group and you are visiting a hot springs most of the members prefer to soak sans clothing. I think that would be a likely group to interest in freehiking.” - NudeAl

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  1. WOW! This is weird. I am commenting on a statement I made. I was talking about a naturist group I bleonged to and the hikes were to places like Deep Creek Hot Springs. We went on other hikes too in remote places and on a few occaisions encountered ranges but I can only recall one incident that involved us having to dress. While out in wilderness areas I have encountered many others who enjoyed a soak in a natural hot springs in their natural state, nude. Seems to me the further out in the wild you are the less anyone cares about clothes