Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Campnbare's Freehiking Advice

“Some general advice of my own on barepacking includes:

1. While hiking bare, keep a towel or pair of elastic shorts in easy reach on the outside of your pack.

2. Keep up your fluid intake. Hiking bare allows your sweat to evaporate more effectively, and since you will not have sweaty clothes as a reference, you may not realize how much liquid you have been losing to evaporation.

3. Don't buy prepackaged backpacking meals unless you have a lot of spare money you need to get rid of. These meals are convenient, but you can eat just about as well buying dry goods from your grocery store (pastas, noodle dishes, rice, etc.)

4. Assume backpacking tents are undersized. If you buy a "two man" tent, you will be quite crowded trying to fit two people inside. If you routinely camp with another person, consider a "4 man" tent.
5. Don't be afraid to barepack in the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall. Most backpackers avoid the warmer months. Barepacking gives you a warm weather advantage. Being naked, you will handle the heat the way your body was designed to. Also, there are likely to be less people out there to offend, and any hikers you do encounter will understand your wanting to hike bare.”

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