Friday, September 4, 2009

Olive Dell Resort - April 26, 2009

We headed up to Olive Dell first thing this morning, and I took a very pleasant freehike; It was a little cool for PJ. A large flock of pigeons flew overhead just after I started. As I topped the first ridge I noticed a coyote running through the valley below. I saw eight donkeys along the way – one baby one. The weather was just right for a freehike.

I got back in time to sit outside the trailer to edit Andrew’s book for nude models. He showed up about the time we had to leave to visit an elderly friend and take her to the Follies in Palm Springs.

We returned to Olive Dell and our trailer late in the evening after Andrew had left. Sleeping nude at a nude resort - heaven. Olive Dell is really beginning to feel like our real home.

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