Sunday, September 13, 2009

Living Where You Can Freehike

May 12, 2009: It was misty outside today and a little gloomy – I couldn’t see the hills across the valley. Still, PJ encouraged my to take my morning freehike. I’m glad I did. Once I got started it really wasn’t cold at all. I hiked the loop trail and saw nine wild donkeys in the valley near the top. Most were still lying down asleep. Not much new or adventurism on the hike otherwise. Just a wonderful, invigorating freehike; I love hiking nude, even on a misty day.

PJ had packed the car while I was hiking, so when I returned I got dressed and we left Olive Dell for work.

There is such a contrast between being at the resort and work. In anticipation, we leave work to head to the resort feeling so joyful and pulling into Olive Dell is such a relief, a time of peace, a return to sanity - home. In contrast, returning to work after a visit is almost dreadful.

On the way home PJ and I discussed what people do that allows them to be able to live at a nudist resort. First of all, the costs are very modest. Membership at Olive Dell is $360 a year. A trailer must be found (one is currently available at the resort that includes all the outside amenities like a BBQ for $7000). The site fee can be just over $200 a month. Then you have normal living expenses. It’s a pretty inexpensive lifestyle. Many of the people we’ve met live offsite and come on weekends – that’s pretty much what we do.

Anyone else interested in living where you can freehike from your front door?

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