Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 17-18, 2009

May 17th: This morning PJ and I arrived at Olive Dell for our first group hike. Eric from the resort was our first participant. We took the loop trail and had an enjoyable freehike together.

After the hike we gardened for a while, took a shower together, and then drove over to Moreno Valley (10 minutes away) to shop for some cloth for a costume PJ is making for her grandson. We also purchased some items for our garden including Stan and Stella - a bobble dead cat and dog – and a bird house and feeders. We got back and placed them in the garden. (See photo link at the bottom.) The film crew had come to the resort again to shoot a few more scenes. Later at the pool I talked to the female lead at the pool. She said they had mostly returned to relax and enjoy the sun.

May 18th: We drove over to the Terra Cotta Inn this morning to meet a naturist couple from Fontana. We didn’t stay long - we get board just laying naked in the sun. I know someone who said he stopped practicing naturism because it made him lazy, just lying by the pool in the sun. That's not my style. When I get naked, I have to get doing something; that's why I so love freehiking and nude gardening.

We shopped a while in Palm Springs – PJ found a clothing shop she loved. Then we headed back to Olive Dell for some nude gardening, and to stay the evening. It was a relief to return to our naked home.

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