Saturday, September 26, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 21 & 24, 2009

May 21st: Enjoyed the exercise of a freehike on the loop trail this morning before leaving for work.

May 24th: Harrol & Kitty stayed at our trailer in Olive Dell for a few days. We had to work for the first few days of their stay, but we arrived Sunday morning, just in time for the group freehike. Only five hiked but it was still enjoyable. We met a resident, Dave, for the first time.

After the hike Dave taught PJ and I how to play tennis. (The court is just below our site.) Craig, another resident, also showed up to play. We had a fun time chasing balls nude around the court. Dave was an excellent teacher. I suspect we will learn to enjoy Skinny Tennis at Olive Dell.

We then gardened for a while. Hopefully Harrol and Kitty weren’t too bored watching us from the deck. Eventually we joined them and enjoyed watching the birds on our feeder. Kitty had purchased a humming bird feeder and a seed sock. (Thanks so much!) The humming birds found the feeder almost immediately. Watching birds feed just feet away while experiencing naturism is wonderfully relaxing.

That evening we all enjoyed a game of nude UNO attack on the deck. Dave attended.

We’ll miss having Harrol and Kitty at Olive Dell. Hopefully they will return soon. Naturist friends are the best friends!

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