Sunday, September 20, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 14-16, 2009

May 14th: I got up early and took a freehike up center trail to the top of the hill. I saw a deer along the way – my first at Olive Dell although I’d seen tracks. The hike was very enjoyable. When I got back it was time to leave for work.

May 16th: We were off this Saturday – hurray! We spent the morning at a huge Renaissance fair in Irwindale. It was great fun. So many people dressed up in period costumes. Some ladies dressed in sexy barbarian and fairy costumes. Many others’ necklines were so very low everything nearly popped out. This was much sexier than if they’d been nude. I find it so interesting how sexual head games have been such a large part of human history. Total nudity is certainly more modest that wearing skimpy rags or long dresses with popping boobs. (See photo link at the bottom.)

After attending the fair we drove back to Olive Dell to meet Johnslc who was visiting from Utah. It was so nice to see him again. We enjoyed sitting on our deck, enjoying our garden, and talking. After a while we walked down to the pool for a swim, and a soak in the spa. One of the dads at the resort, Matt, was playing in the water with four children – baby, three, five, and ten. (Children can live at Olive Dell. A few residents have lived there their entire lives.) It was such fun watching a naked family at play in the water. The three-year-old was especially fun. He was so unconsciously natural splashing, looking through the fence, and playing hide-and-seek from his dad. Mom was also in and around the pool area.

We then went to the restaurant and enjoyed a naked dinner together. (Johnslc’s first I think.) The food at Olive Dell is very good, and the company was even better. A nude meal is so very enjoyable.

Here is a nice note of thanks from Johnslc: “Thank you for your wonderful hospitality this afternoon. It was so great to see you again and I really enjoyed myself at Olive Dell. You are very well situated there and your fellow naturists are wonderful people--so relaxed and enjoyable. It was a joy to see entire families being together in the nudist environment. I really envy both of you for the lovely place you have to spend your time together as God intended us to be, and the relationship that you have with each other. I will let you know when I am coming back and will definitely get out to see you at Olive Dell. Again, thank you!”

Thanks for visiting us Johnslc. It was great to see you again. Everyone is always welcome to visit and stay with us – free is an inexpensive price, especially for Southern California.

While at dinner we found out that there was a USO dance that evening, so we drove back to our work apartment where PJ made a red, white, and blue bottom and top; I wore a patriotic tie – just a tie of course. They played 40’s dance music and we had great fun dancing – everyone thought we were pros. We love dancing - nude dancing is great, and we didn’t feel the sexual overtones that sometimes occurs at a resort.

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