Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - May 1-10, 2009

May 3rd: Andrew visited us today to pickup a nude modeling book he’d written, that I have been editing. We took time to freehike to loop trail together. He loves Olive Dell.

May 4th: I freehiked the loop trail at Olive Dell again this morning. As I walked I identified 15 different flowering plant species. Being natural in nature is wonderful, amazing. PJ and I enjoyed spending lots of time in our nude garden today.

May 6th: PJ and I spent a nice evening at our trailer at Olive Dell. We enjoyed soaking in the spa with a few others.

May 7th: I took another fantastic freehike today.

May 10th: It was Mother’s Day and we had to work until 2:00 pm, even though it was our day off. Then we drove up to Olive Dell. We arrived, undressed, took our things to the trailer, and started working on our garden – what an escape, what a relief! After several hours, hot and sweaty, we walked to the clubhouse and showered. Then we ate a nice naked dinner. We soaked in the spa with a number of nice people. Soon it was time for a relaxing evening watching TV in bed. Our home away from work is simply heavenly.

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