Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nude Fun - Parties and Music

“And, believe me: You haven't lived until you've tried naked karaoke.” - Doreen Orion, psychiatrist

Winter is a great time to practice naturism with others indoors. (After all, it’s too cold to go outdoors, at least in snow country.) We’ve attended many skinny home parties with friends, and I thought it might be nice to share what home parties are like for those who might want to attend/hold one.

A naturist home party starts with an invitation. You may have naturist friends who will invite you to a party – get on the phone. If not, invite some friends over to your own skinny home party – get brave.

You’ll probably want to have something to do at your party, although just getting together to relax and talk is fun too. We’ve attended parties where a few friends talked, ate, watched slide shows of past naturist activities, and soaked in a hot tub. (By the way, you don’t need a hot tub as an excuse to get naked at the party.) At naturist home-parties we’ve played UNO and sung karaoke (the most fun nude activity of all in our opinion). Naturist parties can involve getting together to watch movies or sports. Some naturists celebrate holidays together.

So want happens at a skinny party? Well, you go to the friend’s house (they usually answer the door nude - they’re naturists after all - or in a robe to avoid startling the neighborhood), take off your clothes, and join in the fun. Except for taking off your clothes, nothing is really different than a clothed party. Naturists live a naked lifestyle after all, so nude is simply how they are.

You might wonder if alcohol is required, and if a nude party is an excuse for a drunken sex-fest? Of course not! While alcohol is served at some naturist parties, just as it is at some clothed parties, we don’t drink, and are uncomfortable around drunks – alcohol is never required.

Of course, getting nude is the biggest hurdle for some people. They think that being naked with friends will seem weird or sexy somehow, and it might for first-timers, but for experienced naturists it’s just having fun with friends. So getting comfortable is easy - attend a few skinny home parties, and you too will soon be an experienced naturist.

I’m convinced naturist friends are better, closer, more dependable friends because there are no artificial barriers to stop communication. Some of our friends traveled for five hours to attend Nude Karaoke parties we sponsored. Naturists are like that. They are rare, so they are willing to travel to be with others who understand.

So, invite friends to a skinny home party when the outdoor season ends. In fact, making skinny trip plans is a great topic to discuss at skinny home parties – show some slides of past skinny trips and plan what might be done this coming year.

Karaoke parties are certainly fun naturist home parties. On our honeymoon to Glen Eden we fell in love with nude karaoke. Anyone can do ‘nude’ karaoke because it really doesn’t matter how well you sing. We have good friends who enjoy nude karaoke and can’t sing on pitch at all. Over the years we’ve collected 1000s of karaoke songs, and have often held nude karaoke parties. Here are several nude karaoke party reports:

“Nude Karaoke on October 20th was great fun as always. Eleven members attended. With only 11 in attendance, we all got to sing lots. Idaho Gerry shared his very special humor as he sang – he’s just a crazy, wonderful naturist. We all tried to sing one rock or musical song; a few somehow avoided trying this craziness. Ken even stuck out his tongue while singing (trying to sing?) a Kiss rock song - horrifying! A few as always got away without singing at all. Anyway, the food was good and we all loved the conversation afterwards.”

“Saturday, April 26th, we held our monthly Nude Karaoke event. We met at 6:00 pm and started singing. It took a while for everyone to find us a the new location so we really didn’t get going until nearly 7:00 pm, but that was okay; I got in a lot of singing practice while we waited. Eventually nine people arrived. Everyone had a fun time singing karaoke in the nude – I think it’s one of the most fun things to do nude. One person who said he couldn’t sing, sounded great. There’s no need to compare yourself to others when you’re singing ‘nude’ karaoke – I’ll bet his family members in the Tabernacle Choir wouldn’t do it. Another person is especially good at crazy songs; I mean songs mentally crazy people sing. I’m not sure what that means about him, but it’s NUDE karaoke after all. We had some good munchies, and had a great time with good nude friends.”

The bottom-line here is that home parties are a very fun way to share naturist activities with others. Here are a few comments from others who enjoy naturist

“. . . when we sing love songs naked, it's more pure and powerful than with clothes on . . .” – Iwan D.

“. . . we had a ton of fun! [at the Badger Naturist Halloween Party.] . . . At least twice as many people wore costumes for the judging. And all evening, we feasted like royalty at the huge selection of thoughtfully prepared pot-luck food and a couple of catered dishes. . . The hot tub was perfectly hot, and the pool was comfortably warm (even for me).” – The Academic Naturist

“Since the weather turned south back in November here in Prague, I have hosted two naked home parties at my flat and both were a great success. As with last year, these are billed as ‘movie’ nights. It's more about socializing than anything else but everyone has enjoyed themselves. We watch a new release and then just hang out and chat afterwards. No one has been in a real hurry to leave as, aside from the weekly nude swims, it is the only time we all have to be naked.” - Roger

[I] “. . . attended another home party in Tucson with the Buff-A-Teers. Big lot, with cars parked strategically to block, we sat on lawn chairs outside. Ate great food, played home made very large Jenga (take a mallot and knock out blocks so that the next person makes the whole thing tumble). I was the one who made the whole 6 ft. tower of blocks tumble. It was fun. The guy who's house it was . . . had made a nice size pond with gazebo, sitting area, walkways, and soon a bridge across the pond that we all walked around. We did have to cover up as there was a neighbor across the way. We drew for gifts as another Christmas thing, ate some more, chatted, and went home. Very comfortable weather, not too warm but not too cool.” - Cherie

“Members from the Midlands and beyond joined in the frivolity of the Travelites' [naturist club] annual Winter Holiday/Christmas Party. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed two different lasagnas and accompaniments as well as yummy homemade cheesecake and two different ice creams for dessert. The grab bag gifts went from the fun to the useful. No one left unhappy. The hot tub was available. Small plush bears were given out as souvenirs.” - Cheri Alexander

“The monthly Hot Tub Party was attended by 19. A new person to the group attended for the first time. The hot tub combo holds all the people easily. The potluck was delicious as usual and avocados were given to all by the host.” - Marv & Pet

“. . . naked parties have been a Yale tradition since the late 1990s, when the idea was poached from nearby Brown University. Naked parties now occupy a place in the large pantheon of ways in which Yale students avoid their homework. They happen several times a year . . . For those who have never gone to one, the idea of a naked party raises certain questions. Is the event sexualized, or decadent, or outright obscene . . .? The truth of the matter is that these garb-less festivities are about as debauched as your average bingo night - and about as carefully organized.” - Presca A.

“I think people aren't going to these [nude] parties because they want to experience others. I think they're going to express themselves and this is a great way for them to come out of their shell or express a side of them they don't normally get to express . . .” - Chris Fariello, Sex therapist

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