Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nude Biking

“I'm still thinking about that [naked bike] ride - it was awe-inspiring, transcendent!” – Brian B.

I was a kid when I last took a nude bike ride, late one night, down a well-traveled neighborhood street - crazy I know - I didn’t understand naturism then. However, for many people nude road and mountain biking is a totally acceptable activity. For example, almost every weekend during the summer people expose themselves to the elements - and onlookers - on cross-country cycling tours around Bavaria for the Nacktradler.

Another example - Nick Lowe, of Johnsonville, New Zealand, often rides his bike naked on the roads outside town. While most people have no issue with this, one person took offense, taking Lowe to court. Justice Clifford of the Wellington High Court ruled that Mr. Lowe's behavior did not meet the standard of ‘offensive’, determining that one person finding a behavior offensive is not sufficient to support a conviction for offensive behavior.

The World Naked Bike Ride happens annually in mostly large cities around the world. Here are a few thoughts from participants in the Portland ride:

“We are starting to plan for this year’s party associated with the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland. . . And it gets to be a bigger job each year . . . Last year the number is estimated to be at least 1500, maybe 3000, we don't even know. It took more than 15 minutes for the ride to pass through an intersection.” – Dan J.

[Riding in Portland’s naked bike ride] “. . . I passed an older man with a big beard standing on the sidewalk. He was gazing down Burnside in awe at the sea of happy nakedness coming his way and I heard him very calmly remarking to himself, ‘Marvelous’.” - Vanessa

“This was my second year [in Portland’s naked bike ride], and I think I'm going to do this every year for as long as I can ride a bike. And then I'll do it in a wheelchair. Very life-affirming.” – Brian M

“I totally love the Naked Ride - what a great, body-positive experience!” – Matt Picio

Here are thoughts from other nude bike riders:

“I bought a used mountain bike last year . . . You think hiking nude is exhilarating? Now imagine the rush of invigorating air spilling all over your body as you coast [on a bike] without a care in the world.” - Rick

“I camped at Canyon Creek Campground (a 2 hour drive north of Spokane) and then ventured out from there on my mountain bike. There are hundreds of logging roads off of Highway 20 from Kettle Falls to Republic. This year I was able to ride my mountain bike on several of these deserted roads nude. . . Many of the roads were pretty steep for me to ride, so I ended up freehiking up most of the hills. But the ride down was worth it.” - John

“I have a cottage in a Canadian resort area which is overflowing from May 24 until Labor Day . . . Once the tourist season ‘shuts down’, Rob, Kevin & I cycle [nude] frequently around the resort area. . . We carry shorts with us in case of encountering oncoming traffic . . . its quiet enough that one can hear a motor for miles. Last fall, we . . . didn't hear an oncoming pickup truck . . . The truck . . . turned around to follow us . . . As it turned out, he's a ‘solid acquaintance’ of mine . . . His intent in turning around? To ask if he could join us some day. He's become, since, a regular member of the cycle . . . group.” - Alic

“I have some experience naked bike riding. Lots of times I will drive my truck as far as reasonable on a 4wd drive road, then ride my bike to a wilderness trail head where I stash the bike and hike. Summer before last I rode a portion of the Continental Divide Mountain Bike Route in Wyoming and Colorado. I rode about 250 miles from South Pass Wyoming to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Of that mileage, I rode nude for about 100 miles across the Great Divide Desert of Wyoming. Interestingly, I never saw another person or a car, even though I was on dirt roads easily negotiable by ordinary vehicles.” – Michael Y.

“Well, a few weeks ago I did a 50-mile cycle ride through the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. It was a fairly warm day, and when the weather allowed I went nude. I was mostly off-road or on quiet lanes, which is what you look for when cycling, but I still passed a number of people who greeted me quite normally. When I got to Swyre Head [I met a] few people, couples and singles [who] were intrigued by my bike . . . So, remarkable weather, remarkable scenery, remarkable bike, the fact that I was bollock-naked - no remark whatsoever. . . I try to come across as polite (yeah really), friendly, non-threatening, and ‘normal’. And on that basis I've never had a problem with the Great British Public.” – Bob

“This was my first naked bike ride and I have to say it was the best most fun I have ever had in my life.” - Topher

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