Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nude Fun - Sports

“Finery is no less alien to virtue, which is the strength and vigor of the soul. The good man is an athlete who enjoys competing in the nude.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts

We’re not real sports enthusiasts, but my wife and I have enjoyed volleyball, water volleyball, tennis, badminton, and golf - nude. For us, nude makes sports enjoyable.

Here is a link to photos of naturists plaing sports: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/sportsgames

And here are a few reports from others who enjoy nude sports:

“Naked sport is booming in the sizzling summer heatwave - and what better way is there to enjoy the outdoors than in the buff? Some of the more adventurous nudists took part in a clothes-free parachute jump that took place over the Baltic island of Usedom earlier this month. And for tourists preferring more traditional sports, the nudist resort of ‘La Jenny’ on the French Atlantic coast claims it has opened up the world’s first and only naked golf course.” – Nicole G.

“Wairau Valley Golf Course [New Zealand] may never be the same again as about 25 keen naturists hit the green. You could say naked ambition drove a first time naturist's win at the Wairau Valley Golf Course on Sunday. Twenty-five people, including some from the United Kingdom and Australia, took part in Nude Golf International at the township's nine-hole course.” – Claire Connell

“A nude tradition in New Zealand: the annual nude touch rugby match, featuring members of the All Blacks New Zealand national team, [was] held on New Zealand's National Nude Day on the South Island. The 2009 match . . . was held in a park in Dunedin, New Zealand's oldest city . . . ” – sffb

“No, there won't be a torch-lighting - someone's short hairs might get singed - but all the Olympic sports you love are coming to Baker Beach sans those pesky jerseys, leotards, or other articles of apparel. . . Events include the 100-, 500-, and 1,000-meter dashes . . . ; ancient Greek wrestling . . . ; sumo wrestling . . . ; discus . . . ; broad jump . . . ; volleyball; and touch football.” - Joe E.

“Somewhere along the way, it became a tradition at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Colorado, to ski the last day in April buck naked. What may have started as a free-lift-ticket promotion became a beloved local tradition . . .” - Lachlan M.

“White Thorn Lodge hosts the Nude Volleyball Superbowl every year on the weekend after Labor Day. Each year, over 90 teams participate. Competition includes Men's AA, A and B classes, Women's AA, A and B classes, and multiple mixed Novice level teams. . . players include both nudists and non-nudists from all over the world. Over 1500 players and guests gather to play in and watch the games . . . opening ceremonies, dances, club facilities, corn roast, nude skydivers. Many teams return every year for ‘the most unique event in nudism.’ One visitor spoke for every guest: ‘I don't care where in the world I am next year, I'll find a way to get to Superbowl!’” – WhiteThorneLodge.org


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