Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nude Fun - Dancing

My wife and I love to ballroom dance, and dances are common at naturist resorts, so we thought we’d love dancing at resorts. We were mostly wrong.

We’ve enjoyed naturist dances at Shangri La Resort in Arizona because the DJ there played good danceable music, and Olive Dell Ranch has small, enjoyable, non-sexualized dances. A friend of ours enjoyed dancing at a TNS convention at Lupin Lodge which says lots because he doesn’t normally like to dance.

Unfortunately, nude dances at other resorts we’ve visited seemed to attract a sexually-oriented crowd. People who never attend other naturist activities showed up for dances wearing sexually-oriented clothing and lingerie. Friends have excused this saying, ‘It’s just a fun costume’, but we usually feel uncomfortable, so leave early.

We’ve heard from other naturists who also avoid dances at resorts because of the sexual-orientation that seems to exist. The fact that very few people ever write positive experiences about nude dances at naturist resorts is telling.

It seems that ‘nude-only’ dances, especially if young people are invited, are less sexually-oriented than clothing optional dances that often attract those who aren’t nudists. Here is an ad for a dance in Poland that seems more naturist-oriented:

“. . . naturists are gearing up for Poland’s first nude-only disco party in Lodz. . . The nudes-only disco party - where the only dress code is that there is no dress - is open to adults. Youths over sixteen are welcome in the company of parents. Participants are expected to come in couples and singles need to be invited by a couple. This is to prevent gate-crashers looking for sensation and ill-conceived excitement. . . annual Nude Nights attract between 300 to 400 . . .” –

For those who love dancing, as we do, we’d recommend dancing at nude karaoke events. The music is more conducive to dancing, the floor is less crowded, but mostly, the atmosphere is less sexually charged.

Here’s a thought about nude dancing at a resort karaoke event:

“After more than a month of hard work and busy weekends, we needed a break. My girlfriend planned a trip. . . We invited Alice and Bob . . . to join us at a weekend VVRC trip. They readily accepted. . . The scheduled entertainment for the weekend was karaoke. Alice, Bob, and my girlfriend all sang songs. . . My girlfriend doesn't normally like karaoke, but she noticed that being among naturists is different. Everyone was very cheery and supportive, no matter how bad the song. People danced to slow songs (and a few faster ones), and some even jumped in and helped out the singers. She said it was the best karaoke event that she had ever been to. . . After karaoke was finished, plus an hour, it was dead quiet. It stayed that way until the birds started chirping in the morning.” – The Academic Naturist

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