Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nude Bowling

Nude bowling – this I’ve got to try! How about you? The reports about nude bowling sound so fun:

“When we tell people that we go nude bowling, that usually starts an interesting conversation . . . Initial reactions may include a shocked expression, often followed by a string of questions. ‘You aren’t serious’, is one of the typical responses. ‘You are not really nude, are you?’ Peg sometimes has matter-of-factly replied, ‘Of course not - we all wear bowling shoes.’ Many say, ‘I could never do that!’, but even they are usually interested to learn about what they are missing. Another immediate reaction has been ‘That certainly must be a sight!’ For many, we can sense that they would like to do something like nude bowling, but doubt they could do it. I recently had a high school reunion, and brought this up with some of my classmates. One reaction was, ‘You were so shy growing up. Now look at you, I wish I could do the same!’” – Dick W.

“We gathered at the Airport Bowling Center in Erding for an evening of naked bowling. With 30 people on the mailing list, we were pleasantly pleased to find 11 people turn up on the day. The bowling alley was almost empty, apart from a friendly pair in a lane to our left, and we were able to play uninterrupted for a good couple of hours . . . The bar staff were friendly and kept us supplied with drinks and snacks, and we had a great time bowling and chatting the early evening away.” - Richard F.

“Bernie and Alex had posted an invitation . . . to join them and some friends at a naked bowling event up in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt, just north of Munich . . . In all, seventeen people turned up, including four women . . . It was refreshing to see several young couples, in addition to the more predictable middle-aged men, like myself. . . At first it was too cool for some of the group, but most of us stripped off immediately and began a little casual bowling to warm up a bit. The waitress from upstairs came down to take drink and food orders from us occasionally, and while she may have thought we were all a bit odd to be naked bowling, she was very polite and friendly about it. We whiled away several hours with bowling games and chatting about all sorts of stuff . . . and generally having a good time.” – Richard F.

“There are all sorts of people that are practicing social nude recreation. Bowling is new for us and it's proving a great success.” - Paul A.

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  1. Many years ago, a small non-landed club thought it might be interesting to rent out a bowling alley for the night. We had a great time and other than some interesting body painting and hats (it was Halloween Night), one wouldn't have thought it any different than any other group out having a nice bowling night out together.