Friday, February 4, 2011

Share Bare Photography

"It is my opinion that unapologetic and beautifully presented photographs of nudist families enjoying their freedom to be nude is one of the best ways to express the nudist idea. Our nudist community must become more forthright with their non-nudist friends by telling them of their involvement and enjoyment of nudism. Nudist photographs depicting family nudist activities will help them tell the vastly misunderstood nudist story. And if nudist organizations wish to attract more young people to nudism, then photographs of young nudists should be shown enjoying youthful nude activities. Let’s share the nudist story by presenting interesting and compelling nudist photography and see our nudist organizations grow." - Don Keister

I agree. Nude images make for great advertising, that's one reason the Internet has been so successful. Naturists should recognize this and share more. The site contains links to many freehiking photos. Maybe as a result people will warm up to the freehiking idea, get nude outdoors more often, and normalize freehiking for all who currently love it like me.

Just one example - recently I posted about shooting nude photos with road/location signs in the background - what a great way to document a nude diary.

Naturist photography can greatly influence naturism.

Anyone out there willing to share bare?


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