Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Concerns about Sharing Bare

"I hate to put a damper on sharing nude photo's on line, but I do feel it necessary to put in my two cents worth as it relates to our legal system. In one of Kens photo messages, I believe I saw a young girl who looked to be well under the age of 18. I could be wrong, as I'm not an attorney, but showing an underage child's nude body could be considered as child porn. Also, I would think a Photo Release should be signed by all those who's photo is shared online. Any one else have these concerns, or any input on this subject?" - Dan

Ken: I agree that care should be taken when sharing photos of children; I usually avoid them for the reasons you listed. I always ask adults when taking photos if it is okay, and have a personal policy of only posting back shots unless I know the person is totally okay with nude face photos. It's probably a good idea to get photo releases.

It is too bad that our society is so hung up on equating nude photos with pornography, it's so very hypocritical, but that's the very reason naturists need to share bare photography more often.

Imagine the benefits if naturists would keep a family photo album on the coffee table with nude vacation or beach or hiking photos mixed in with clothed shots, or hang an artistic nude photo or display a nude statue in the living room. Why not put together a naturist information kit with some brochures and photos to share with interested friends?

At some point naturists must stop hiding, accept who they are and what they do, come out of the closet, and willingly share bare, or naturism will never flourish.

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