Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deep Creek Freehiker

Here's a nice account about freehiking into Deep Creek. We've also enjoyed this freehike several times. (See these past reports on this blog: Deep Creek Freehike - June 2010, Freehike Deep Creek Hot Springs - September 2009, Deep Creek Hot Springs Freehike - May 2009)

"I arrived at the [Deep Creek] trailhead parking at 10 A.M. The parking area, like the trail leading to the hot springs, is arid with only shrub vegetation. No one was in sight and I was eager to start the trail. Outside my vehicle I immediately started to remove my clothing.. footware, shirt, pants, and finally.. my briefs. I was totally naked. A feeling of nervous excitement shivered through and tingled the very core of my body.

For hiking attire, I quickly put on a pair of short cut woolen socks, tennis shoes, and a baseball cap.

The air temperature . . . was cool yet very comfortable for hiking under a cloudless blue sky. The warming sun felt great upon my body. I immediately started for the trail. I'm on my way! Not a stitch . . . just an enormous feeling of stimulating exhilaration by the sensation of being buck nekkid!

. . . Three minutes into my walk, surprise!, a departing hiker. Another surprise is that the lone San Diego area male is also hiking nude; an aspect I didn't expect to encounter. I felt fully comfortable approaching him as he represented an affirmation to me. We chatted briefly and were each on our separate ways. . .

As I continued my hike to the hot springs, I realized how wonderfully alive I felt, and how astonishingly perfect God's creations are. My heart was lightly pounding with the exercise; the rising sun was warming my naked body; the feeling of a very slight breeze was softly caressing me; and the feeling of my penis being unrestricted by clothing and free to move as I walked was all so natural and marvelous. Why did I ever take so long to experience this trail openly naked?

. . . It was 10:30 as I arrived at the hot springs. . . I slipped into the largest pool which had a middle aged hippie-like couple from the Lucerne Valley. Soon four attractive young women (I would estimate in their early twenties) appeared on the opposite side of the stream from us, near where they had been camping. In groups of two, they stripped naked and . . . selected our large pool and warmed themselves. I learned that they were from the Santa Monica area.

. . . By early afternoon, the southern most pools were in the shade for the remainder of the day and a cool wind was starting; so I started an early return trip. . . While returning, the hike always takes me longer as the trail is uphill. I was throughly enjoying every minute of this splendid naked experience. The temperature now in the mid 70's felt perfect; and being totally naked, the lite perspiration from my body was evaporating at peak efficiency. I only had a few more minutes and I would be back at my vehicle. So far, I had encountered no one.

. . . Opps! As I turned a corner, there ahead of me was suddenly a fully clothed couple hiking down the very narrow, single file trail. The suddenness of their close proximity surprised me probably as much as my appearance to them. The male's mouth tightened a little as we approached. . . I casually greeted him as I passed by. His female companion was walking about 20 feet behind him. As I was about to pass her, she raised her eyes . . . and gave me an approving, big warm smile. It felt good.

Gee, that was very pleasant I thought. Ignoring the surprise element, I hadn't felt the least bit awkward about suddenly coming upon them being totally naked. . . No sooner had I thought this and turned another small bend, then another fully clothed couple appeared, descending down the trail a distance before me. This time, the couple had a much longer period to view me as we approached one another. The male on the narrow trail walked about forty feet ahead of his female companion. As the distance between us shortened, the male's face showed no unusual expression. We both exchanged friendly greetings as we nonchalantly passed by. Approaching his companion, who had been fully eyeing . . . my nakedness, observing me with the widest approving grin. In passing her I greeted her also and briefly commented on the cooling hot springs' weather conditions.

As I hiked on, I realized that my earlier anxiety of hiking a populated trail nude was totally unfounded. It was easy. As I reached my vehicle, I felt so good being naked that I didn't want it to end. I drove back through Bowen Ranch 'au naturel'.

In all fairness, I should note that clothed hikers on this particular trail are headed to a location where nudity is well known. Consequently, these hikers experiencing an unexpected encounter with a nude hiker may not be as much surprised as elsewhere.

I found my overall experience hiking this popular National Forest trail to be fantastic! It was only a matter of getting out and openly doing it. To allow myself to be cloaked solely by God's created skin. To experience the natural way my body was meant to feel and witness the elements; and touch with harmony the inherited latent gene in the mind which validates all the senses when the body is purely in accordance with the way our early ancestors hunted and lived for thousands of years. This experience has opened a whole new dimension in hiking for me. It felt so good, so relaxing, and so very natural.

For suitable trails, I have now shown myself that being totally naked and coming upon clothed hikers is not a concern. More than not, as lovers of nature themselves, I suspect clothed hikers totally approve of seeing the freedom expressed in a fellow hiker having the balls to hike nude and do what something inside them wishes they were doing themselves. Yes, I hope to continue this experience of hiking totally naked in many more places." - From the Western Association for Naturist Recreation


  1. I have been to Deep Creek many times over the years, often traveling there with my kids or with friends who are open minded. I would love to hike the trail down nude but have refrained from doing so out of a desire to keep the place as low-profile as possible. I admit, anyone going up or down that trail certainly should not be offended by finding someone nude, considering their destination, and I have seen others hike that trail nude, so you are not alone. Perhaps next time I get out there, encouraged by your example, I may try it. That place is so beautiful. (If you'd like I'd love to share a photo or two from one of my trips down there.)

  2. Yes, please share your photos so others can understand and enjoy the freedom from clothes in wonderful places. If you haven't a way to share, email them to me and I'll place them on my account in imageevent. My email new is

  3. Hey Ken,

    Sent some photos of the hot spring to your e-mail address. Feel free to share those here. Let me know if you don't get anything by posting a message here.