Friday, February 18, 2011

A Naked Worker

"I have had many opportunities to work naked. . . I always do inside painting nude as I don't want to mess up my clothes. . . About 5 years ago, I visited a nude model in Roxbury New York. We got along so well that I spent the weekend at his home. Sunday evening his wife came home from her art gallery and shed her clothes as well as soon as she entered the house. He mentioned that I designed small buildings and she wanted an artist studio. I drew up some sketches after asking many questions. She liked it. She also wanted a small barn. I drew that too. I was asked to build them but said no. I did say I would help them build them and guide them step by step. We spent the entire summer naked in the mountains. It was a wonderful summer. . . We only got dressed once a week for trips into town for groceries and building supplies.

I also got a job painting a house one summer maybe 10 years ago painting a house for one of my nude computer customers. 3/4s of the house was well protected and could be painted while naked. I love such jobs.

. . . my wife has no complaint about me being naked at home. All of our friends and family, employer, pastors, even 3 of my children's spouses or future spouses have seen me naked. Nudity is no big deal any longer. We have seven children and me being naked at home bothers two of the boys, but not the girls.

. . . As for working naked, I am looking for that next opportunity." - Bobby Ray

Congrats to Bobby Ray. Anyone else have nude employment experiences to share?

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  1. I belong to Kaniksu and it is a Co-Op club so we members have to do all the maintenance work etc. We have demolished and rebuilt the deck around the pool and we put up the fence. I also have done quite a lot of others things like gardening, chopping firewood mowing the yard, all kinds of things. I never had a paying job that I was able to do nude but there are always things to be done around the house and at the club.