Sunday, February 6, 2011

Share Bare Concerns

Guy: Ken, we believe in sharing our naturist photos with anyone, including family. We think that the more people are exposed to photos of nudists in normal situations, the less shocked they are. To coin a phrase from I believe Mae West, 'People who are easily shocked should be shocked more often'.

We recently put a bunch of photos on a digital photo frame and interspersed 1 nudist photo for every 4-5 clothed photos. It's photos of family, friends and events so everyone that comes over checks it out and no one has been bothered by the nudist photos, including our grandkids.

We've even been nude on TV 4 times and would do it again to promote a more positive image of nudism and body acceptance.

So I think that it helps others understand that nudists are just normal people who do things everyone else does, just without clothes.

O: Here is another perspective,

While I think that those who can and will share photos do much to enhance the image and dispel negative perceptions of the nudist lifestyle, it is important to recognize that some people are unable to do so. I was in a profession in which such photos would have caused severe professional repercussions to myself and the credibility of my employer. I had to stick with legal nudist activities and not expose (no pun intended) myself to indiscreet people. This included the avoidance of cameras and not posting photographs. We have all seen some of the ruin this has caused for people. Frankly, I am surprised people are not more hesitant, textile attitudes being what they are in this country.

Another thing I would hate to see happen to anyone, is to have family and friends find out third hand or before the person is ready to reveal a nudist lifestyle. The Internet and social networking sites are a hotbed for potential interpersonal problems. I hope there is respect for someones choice not to post nude photos. I get tired of being asked to so so.

I am a card carrying AANR member and do visit clubs and legally nude areas. I am looking forward to my first (local naturist) event soon. Keep up the good work all, but please be cognizant and accepting of the other side of the coin.

Anabasis: I have considered sharing photos on naturist sites but I worry that it might come back to haunt me and I would regret doing it. What are your thoughts?

Ken: I love Guy's fearless, open approach, yet I totally understand O's reluntance and concerns. I have two thoughts:

1. As far as waiting until one is ready to tell family and friends before sharing a photo, it's far better to let family and friends know from the first on your own terms than to have them find out later, before you have a chance to explain what naturism is and isn't. From experience, I know they will find out. It doesn't take a nude photograph for people to find out - just word-of-mouth, and that's nearly impossible to stop, Internet, photo, or not.

2. One can always compromise and allow back photos but not front photos. After all, the most important aspect of a naturist photo is the context anyway, not the naked body.

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  1. If I threaten to have you fired because of your religion, sexuality, gender, or any aspect of your private life that harms no-one, that is bullying plain and simply.

    The sooner a law is passed protecting people's private lives, the better. After all, you can smoke and drink alcohol in private, activites that kill tens of thousands each year, and place others in direct harm.

    Appearing nude is harmless.