Friday, May 22, 2009

Shangri La Resort Freehike - April 2007

PJ and I visited Shangri La Resort with another friend April 13-16, 2007. When we arrived immediately took a short freehike to the base of Daisy Peak which rises from the Desert behind the Resort. The cactus was blooming nicely, especially the Staghorn, the Hedge Hog, the Prickly Pear, and the Teddy Bear (see photo link below).

Saturday we got up early to hike with the unofficial Resort Guide, Steve, along with Brad, a visitor from Chicago. Steve’s been freehiking the area for at least 30 years, and knew every nook and cranny of the hills around the Resort. We visited a mine, several mining pits, the small building where the blasting caps were kept, and the miner’s campsite (well, tub, and garbage pit). The sun felt wonderfully warm on our nude bodies. As we hiked, we talked about the plants we passed by, searched for desert tortoises, and we looked out past the resort to the beautiful desert hills beyond. Along the way we planned a hike with Steve away from the resort for Sunday morning.

Sunday took an early freehike with Steve in the desert. We hiked several miles to a hill covered with Native American Petroglyphs. Along the way we took photos next to tall Saguaro Cactus. The scenery was fantastic! The wind blew some, but not enough to keep us from staying nude most of the way. We took a photo of PJ on top of the hill in her signature pose. Steve said: “Now that’s a beautiful photo.” It’s fantastic to hike nude and feel the sun and breeze caress your body. Why would anyone hike any other way?

When we returned we swam in the pool (very refreshing) and soaked up some more sun.

Photos from our trip may be accessed at:

Has anyone else freehiked at Shangri La?

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