Sunday, May 24, 2009

De Anza Springs Freehike - Feb. 2007

In February 2007, PJ and I visited the De Anza Springs resort near the town of Jacumba, just three miles north of the boarder with Mexico, in California’s high central desert. We arrived in the early afternoon, checked in, and drove to our room. The room was average size, and quite nice, with a table big enough for four. After resting a little, we ate at the resort restaurant – very nice.

Saturday PJ and I freehiked along an old railroad track. We got a little lost at the start and came upon several wrecked railroad cars. PJ went inside and recovered a seat head rest. I took a photo of her waving from the train’s window. We bush-whacked our way up a small canyon until we found the trail we had planned to freehike. It was easy and beautiful with wonderful rock mountains and interesting cactus.

After about an hour it descended to the railroad track. We proceeded to freehike farther up the track, crossing several trellis bridges. After about an hour we reached a tunnel which bent through the mountain so it was quite dark in the middle. Looking ahead we could see that the track continued through several distance tunnels, for as far as we could see, so we turned around and hiked back up the track all the way to the resort, passing through another tunnel on the way.

The sun was warm; we definitely got some color. Why would anyone want to hike in clothes with such wonderful February sunshine? This was an interesting three-hour freehike. (We found out later that the railroad was still in use twice a day so we felt lucky the train hadn’t caught these two naked grandparents.)

We got back and soaked a while in the hot spa. It felt great. By the time we got out it was filled with twelve friendly naturists - the friendliest people on earth.

In the spa we’d asked if anyone was familiar with area hikes. One fellow said he’d introduce us to Clint, a fellow that did lots of freehiking. Cliff caught up with us at the dance and we arranged to meet him for a hike on Sunday.

Sunday morning we met Clint at 8:30 and started out. The wind was blowing, but we decided to hike anyway. Hiking with Clint was a real adventure. He lead us a long distance from the resort, to the top of a mountain. As we reached the top we felt like we were scaling K-2 nude, with the wind nearly blowing us over. From the top we could see hiking trails go on forever in every direction, clear to Mexico. De Anza has amazing hiking.

We hiked down the back side of the mountain to an abandoned mine. PJ quickly went to the end of the mine, and started chipping out some mineral deposits. After a short mining adventure, we started back. The hiking was cool enough that PJ didn’t get naked - a rare event. We returned after four hours, exhausted, and soaked in the spa again. We played some cards with some friends, ate dinner at the resort, and went to bed early.

Monday morning we checked out early so we could get to Shangri La near Phoenix in time to check in (it’s about five hours drive). As we said goodbye to our friends and the people at the resort we decided that De Anza Springs resort has the best nude hiking of any resort we ever visited. We highly recommend it, especially to our hiking friends; nude hiking doesn’t get any better. We definitely want to return again.

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