Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deep Creek Hot Springs Freehike

While staying at Glen Eden, on Friday, May 25th, Ben, PJ, and I decided to take a hike into deep Creek Hot Springs. We drove from Corona up to the high desert at Hesperia, about an hour north, where we met Andrew. Andrew, who was very familiar with Deep Creek, lead the way and we drove about 10 miles to Bowen’s Ranch and the trail head where we parked, undressed, and started hiking down the trail.

The freehike down was about two miles, and not very difficult. As always, it felt so good to hike naked. The scenery was desert with nice views of Deep Creek and trees in the valley below - all very pretty in its own way.

After less than an hour we arrived at the steam and the hot springs. We crossed the cool stream, and climbed the cliffs above the springs for a few minutes to get a better view of the area. Two clothed men were sitting under a tree near the stream. No one else was around. Apparently Deep Creek is often crowed so we felt lucky – we had the springs to ourselves.

We soaked in the largest pool for some time. The temperature was just right. The water was very clear, with just a little algae. The pool was so deep near the cliff that you had to go under the water to touch the bottom, and it was easy to swim a few strokes. PJ tried several times to touch the bottom. It was wonderfully relaxing to sit in the warm water and talk with friends.

After about an hour PJ and I had to leave. Ben and Andrew stayed to soak and find other pools.

The hike out was more strenuous because everything was up hill. We passed one couple going down as we hiked out; they were clothed, but we stayed naked. They asked about people at the springs, and I said there were very few. I commented that it was too hot to hike nude. They seemed to agree.

It wasn’t too long before we returned to the car, got dressed, and headed back to Glen Eden. We stopped for a soda before getting on the freeway. A cool refreshment to end a wonderful time hiking and soaking at Deep Creek Hot Springs – a place we would definitely recommend to others – a place we will certainly go again

Here are some photos of our trip:

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