Friday, May 22, 2009

Freehiking and Ticks

“Somebody else was concerned about the abundance of ticks out there in the wild. Excuse me, but ticks aren’t a problem to the nude. They like to get into hair and under clothing. Jeepers.” – All Nudist

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  1. I tried a bit of freehiking recently. It was at a local state park, but nearing nightfall and as the rain was picking up. I was already there, but I decided it was as good a time to try as any.

    At first, when there had been absolutely no one around for an hour, I disrobed and immediately saw a couple down the path. They undoubtedly saw me, and I panicked and bolted. While crossing the road to my vehicle, three cars passed. Needless to say, not a great first experience.

    But as the rain picked up some more, I decided to give it another go. It was pretty dim out but not too dark to see, so I went again. It was really relaxing and freeing; I almost didn't notice it except that I was hiking in the rain without freezing, saturated clothes.

    However (AND HERE WE REACH THE POINT OF WRITING THIS), I did get bit by a tick. I felt it bite the inside of my leg. Not realizing that ticks take a few hours to spread diseases (which I've since researched thoroughly), I immediately pried it off. Thankfully I didn't get any diseases that time. But I assumed that ticks wouldn't bite bare skin, and I guess they do when it's raining out.

    The rest of the hike went well. Back at my vehicle, one other car passed, but I was already dressed by that point. I'm considering going out again, but I don't think it's legal in that area so we'll see.