Friday, May 29, 2009

Beaver Dam Wilderness Freehike - St. George, UT - Mar. 2008

On March 7th, about noon, Lee, PJ, and Ken drove south from Salt Lake City to stay with Harrol and Kitty in the St. George area. We arrived to a wonderful nude dinner served by Kitty, and after a nice discussion went to bed early excited about the Saturday Freehike.

Saturday we drove south to the Cedar Pocket campground – just across the border into Arizona, and took the right turn on the dirt road heading into the Beaver Dam Wilderness area. After about 20 minutes we turned right on a much less traveled dirt road heading towards the red-rock cliffs. We parked after a short distance, undressed, and hiked over the hill and up a rocky wash through the desert landscape towards the cliffs.

The temperature was in the 70s - the warm sun felt wonderful on our nude bodies. Freehiking always feels so great, and is fantastic exercise.

We’d planned to shoot some photos on this hike, something we’ll do on many of the scenic hikes this year. PJ has been doing some nude modeling at colleges, and was excited to get a few new outdoor photos, and Lee had brought along his fancy camera for the occasion, so we hiked slowly, looking for some places to take a few photos. Those of us who were more interested in enjoying the hike and nature, hiked and explored while the photos were being taken. (You can see photos from the hike at: )

The canyon was short, so it wasn’t too long before it was time to head back. Still, the freehike was very enjoyable.

After getting back to the truck and getting dressed, we drove the area for a couple of hours looking for places to hike in the future. There appears to be an excellent, long hike up a beautiful canyon south of Cedar Pocket campground. We’ll want to try that in the future.

We stayed again Saturday night with Harrol and Kitty, and returned to Salt Lake City early Sunday afternoon, the end to a fun Skinny Trip.

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