Friday, May 22, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch Freehike - March 2009

PJ and I visited Olive Dell Ranch in California one late afternoon/evening. We immediately undressed – everything except shoes and socks – and headed up the trail for a freehike. The weather was just breezy enough to keep or naked bodies comfortable. As we hiked we observed many branch trails we’ll certainly hike in the future. The dirt path was bordered by several varieties of brush. Blue and yellow flowers filled in spaces. We hiked to the top of a hill. On the valley below we could see Redlands, Youkipa, and San Bernadino. We took several photos, including some longer-distance photos of Olive Dell, to which we returned after about an hour. This was a totally enjoyable nude hike –great exercise. We drove our car naked to the clubhouse area. There we showered and headed to the spa where we soaked away our tired muscles from the hike.

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