Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Naked Me

Yesterday, as I was walking naked down the road (except boots) to work on the tail around Shangri La, I realized how completely naturism has become natural for me. I felt totally natural walking and working naked outdoors. In fact, it took conscious thought to even realize I was naked. Even the idea of working in clothes seemed totally insane. Later at 10:30 pm I was returning from the restroom (nude of course) and stopped to talk for about five minutes about the trail with a lady friend who was out walking her dog. She loved what PJ and I are doing. Afterwards, I realized how amazing it was for a naked guy to approach and talk with a naked woman in the dark of night without a care from either person. I slept naked of course. This morning I’m naked on the computer, and about ready to put on my socks and boots (that’s all) and head back to work on the trail for about five hours. I love being naked. Naked is so completely natural for me now. Naked is how I live! Naked is who I am!! Naked is great!!!

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