Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Great Quotes Today

“Thirsty prurience drinks furtive sips, but a strong wash quells the curse and quenches the curious. Too many of us live wrapped up in our customs/costumes when we need to be open to the common gifts of humanity. Too many of us live wrapped up like entourage mummies in someone else's idea of heaven. Too many of us live and die without the fun of nude photos of ourselves doing regular, everyday things.” - Will Forest, Nude Scribe “Where are our nude beaches? Somehow, we have lost something here that has been enjoyed since the dawn of humanity. For thousands of years we humans have removed our clothes to bathe naked in lakes and rivers. . . Not so long ago, in very recent history, someone decided swimming suits were necessary. What happened? As a boy in the 1930s, my father used to skinny-dip in Beaver Creek, north of Slayton in Murray County. As a boy in the 1960s . . . We, swimsuited scouts from Roseville, shared the Wilder pool with grown men, all of whom swam naked. No one regarded either situation as a crime, but our youthful swimsuits were an indicator of America's growing fear of the naked body. Something had changed . . . I think the change was driven by fear. . . that naked equals sex, and sex is bad, and that naked is therefore bad. I believe that many unhealthy behaviors result from this flawed reasoning, ranging from eating disorders to sexual abuse. The repression of natural things encourages them to manifest sideways.” - Patrick Scully


  1. Thanks for the quote, and for running such a great site!

  2. Great quotes. Too many of the changes we see in the world are driven by fear and changes driven by fear are never for the better.

  3. Sex is bad.

    When it is done with minors.

    Now of course most of the time such nudity was innocent but unfortunately back during the time you were talking about (1930s-1950s) all to many people used their position of adult influence in the scouts to groom boys.

    Have we gone too far the other way now? Of course. But let's not remember the past as being that idyllic.