Monday, May 7, 2012

Phoenix to Las Vegas Skinny Road Trip

Yesterday I drove nude with PJ from Phoenix to Las Vegas on our way to work in Utah. As I mentioned previously, this route would make an ideal Skinny Road Trip – what could be better than enjoying a naturist drive/camp/freehike/soak on the way to a fun weekend in Las Vegas? On the way we passed the Burro Creek Campgrounds and Kaiser Warm Springs exits. According the Casa Blanca, this would make idea place to stop as part of an organized Skinny Road Trip along this route: “The Upper Burro Creek Wilderness Area East of Highway 93 offers a mere 27,440 acres of free nude camping, nude sunning/swimming at deep pools connected by small waterfalls, and enough scenery to last a lifetime. Kaiser Warm Spring is MUCH more than just a spring, it's a BLM owned home run with the bases loaded! The walk is just far enough to keep unwasheds out and, verily, was just about absolutely the most litter free spot we've visited in years. There's complete privacy and the scenery beggars description with all manner of desert flora and fauna, several bird songs we'd not before heard,wild burro tracks (and skat all over the place, but we saw no burros), 800 foot high canyon walls, several natural caves, name something. Shortly before reaching the spring, there's even the abandoned Touch Hole Gold Mine, so named because the claim holders kept destroying the visitor-built pool at the spring in an effort to keep soakers away. After the claim was vacated, a couple from Hawaii rebuilt the pool and it's been great soaking ever since; THANK YOU to them. The mine is just before the spring on the right. UNLIMITED nude hiking and free fourteen day nude camping and two tepid tubs a few yards downstream from the warm spring add to this WORLD GUIDE CLASS area, but the icing on the cake is that less than 200 yards from the spring, Kaiser Canyon meets Burro Creek with its sandy beaches, good sun window, MASSIVE red sandstone sunning boulders, the largest we know of, and skinnydipping in the refreshing creek water. Who could ask for more?! Flowing at 12 gallons per minute and 95 degrees, Kaiser isn't hot in our book, but those waters must be HEAVENLY in summer. We enjoyed a couple of nice soaks; an advantage of spring water below about 99 degrees is that one can stay in much longer without becoming overheated; marathon soakers will be at home at Kaiser. According to three sources, clothing (rather, the lack of it) is NEVER a concern at Kaiser, "because that's the way the Indians used it for THOUSANDS of years before we arrived." Words cannot describe the feeling of freedom and sisterhood with nature, one feels strolling down Kaiser Canyon in clothes freedom.” We are definitely interested in joining other naturists on a weekend Skinny Road Trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas. We would plan to stop at the wonderful area described above. Let us know if you are interested in joining us.


  1. Hey Ken good to hear you are still out and about freehiking. How is the trail at Shangri La coming along? Hope to see some new things when we get back next fall. Alan&Angela

  2. HI, We would like to met you&PJ on one of your next outings. We enjoy camping RV or tent, boating, motorcycle riding and offroading also driving nude. We just got a tandem bicycle so we can do the June 9 Nude Bike Ride in San Fransico. We have visited Olive Dell Ranch once and Glen Eden 2 timings. Glenn&Cindy

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