Monday, May 28, 2012

Sharing Naturism with Textles

"I personally feel that the only way naturism will gain general acceptance is if non-naturists have more opportunities to see it and get used to it. And that means more mixed venues. I know we worry about losing hard-won nude and C/O beaches due to an influx of textiles. The solution however is not segregation and isolation, but to develop an army of textiles supportive of the option to be nude, textiles willing to speak up in support when some individual complains, textiles willing to tell a complainer to cool it and be tolerant, textiles ready to vote against intolerant regulations and instead be willing to discuss mutually agreeable modi operandi. The change is not just for textiles. We naturists need to be more open, to seek actively and publicly more officially sanctioned C/O spaces, to talk to our neighbors about things like backyard nudity, to be naturist role models that supportive textiles can point out, to sincerely not be bothered if we are seen nude by some colleague, acquaintance, friend or unknown invitee, to engage intolerant people in a patient and friendly way, to work to revise intolerant regulations. We're simply not going to get textiles to recognize the distinction betwwen "indecent exposure" and "decent exposure" unless they've seen the difference themselves. We have a wonderful set of values to advocate, that are in tune with mainstrean themes like gender-equality, ecology. tolerance and mutual respect. It is time to let these out the gates of a hidden "lifestyle". It may seem more comfortable to be safe among certified like-minded naturists, but in the long run we need expand our naturist community to include actively-tolerant textile friends who share our values even if they don't shed their clothes." - Adge


  1. I totally agree 100%! Really good article Ken. I've been thinking along the same lines myself. Do you have any suggestions? I've thought of asking friends if they mind if I'm nude at get-togethers or at a private pool.

  2. My Professor wife has opined about numerous topics, "That which is unseen soon becomes unseeable." Human bodies are unseeable because nobody ever sees one outside of a bedroom. Hence it is shocking to see a human being on the street.

    Fortunatly the reverse is also true, "That which is seen soon becomes normal." When textiles see naked people, human bodies, just wandering about, doing normal human activity, going about our business, it soon become commonplace and not worth a comment. Naked celebrities "leaking" photos. Streakers at sports events. Naked men buying coffee in the drive through. Events like Naked bike Ride. Old guys walking in the woods near the road. Sailors on their yacht naked. Naked hot springs. Every casual interaction between a naked person and another person makes being naked more common and thus more acceptable. To promote the acceptance of nudity we all need to get out somewhere, anywhere, and be seen by those who have never even thought about going naked.

    There are about enough of us now. We need to get out from behind our fences and ride our bikes naked down some park path, or street. We need to "liberate" a regular beach as casual as you please. In many places its not illegal to be naked as long as you don't intend to offend anyone. The more we get seen, the more it becomes normal.

    We also need to get busy posting lots of favorable comments on news articles whever the news is about someone doing ANYTHING naked, flashers, streakers, drunks, etc. If they were naked, the media needs to be filled with comments upporting being naked.

    Have fun and support the cause of naked freedom. go out and be naked in public.

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