Friday, May 4, 2012

Horse Thief Trail Freehike

Driving from Grand Junction, CO, to Salt Lake City, UT, in late April 2012, PJ and I stopped to freehike the San Rafael Swell with our friend Sum Oleguy. It had been years since we’d had a chance to be nude in this area. We started by taking a few photos (see at the abandoned Smith Ranch near the trailhead. Then we got naked and then hiked the Horse Thief Trail. We didn’t bother to take along a safety wrap; the area was so out-of-the-way. Much of the trail crossed slick-rock, so it was good we had a guide to keep us on the trail. Along the way we saw many beautiful red-rock formations. Boob Valley was especially interesting because the name was so descriptive of the rock formations. Spectacular views the norm near the top. Wow, what a view at the final pass where the trail dropped steeply to the valley. I has to be one of the best views in the world. The freehike back was quicker – we wanted to get down before dark. As always, the sun and breeze felt so wonderful on my bare skin, but it was especially gratifying to realize that my old feet still worked. That evening we ate dinner with Sum Oleguy and stayed at his home. Thanks Sum Oleguy for the very memorable freehike.

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