Friday, April 27, 2012

Skinny Road Trip to Phoenix

Today I drove from Las Vegas to Phoenix (actually New River) – 4.5 hours – naked all the way. About half way I pulled off the highway onto a dirt road and stood by the car naked to take a wiz. I did throw a towel over me when I stopped at the Burger King to-go window, so not quite naked all the way. As I drove I watched for places to stop for a future nude picnic and freehike; there were many great places. I realized that this route is an “ideal” Skinny Road Trip! Wouldn’t it be fun to join a “group” of naturists on a nude drive through beautiful desert scenery, stop for a naked picnic and freehike along the way, and arrive in Las Vegas just in time for a show and perhaps a swim at a topless European-style pool? I’m sure the drive back would be equally memorable. Is anyone interested in joining PJ and I for this Skinny Road Trip? We love Vegas, and sharing naturism along the way seems the perfect way to go! Here are a few more thoughts from those who love Skinny Driving as much as me: “I can wear a pair of shorts while driving and I'm constantly tugging at the crotch because of pinching and binding...then wear another pair and not have that problem but an irritation someplace else. Most times, when I wear shorts and am driving...the shorts stay off til I get to where I'm going!” - FireProf “I went to a nude bowling event the other night. Afterwards, I was going to meet up with a friend at a bar about 25 minutes away. It was a cold night with some rain/snow mix. I only wore a pair of track pants & a hooded sweatshirt to the bowling, so for one, I could slip in and out of them easily, and two, I didn't have to take off my jeans, shirt, etc and leave them lying around. So when I left the bowling alley, I got into my truck, turned on the heated seats and slipped off my shoes and pants, leaving the sweatshirt on, but unzipped. I brought my jeans & t-shirt with me to wear at the bar. I drove like this for about half the way, then the car had warmed up enough that I took off the sweatshirt and drove nude the rest of the way. I stopped around the corner from the bar and got dressed in my truck (well, I actually opened my door and stood out on the running board nude to slip on my jeans).” – AlwaysNaked “We were traveling across the country and hit some long stretches of road in Texas where there is virtually nothing until you get to El Paso. Everyone in the car shucked off their clothes and we drove for 100’s of miles rarely seeing anyone else. When we came to more “civilization” we were happy to be in the land of good restaurants and gas stations again but getting dressed was a downer.” - Platypus “Had to go out to Rancho Cucamonga again today, as well as going to Ontario and Burbank before going into work. Out of a total distance of 147.4 miles I was able to drive 136.8 miles nude. As usual I will be driving home nude.” – JP “Over the last couple of weeks my boy (14) has been stripping down to his birthday suit in the car! So what is a mother to do? . . . I do the mad dash into the store and pray that he is all clothed when I get back. What do you think I find? One naked child chillin in the car BUT still has the seat belt on! Yup seat belt in place like this is the way driving is supposed to be. Free and uninhibited! . . . Well it looks like I have a lot more work to do with the “Keeping the clothes on while you’re in the Car” lesson. . . Who’d have thought that this was one of the lessons that would become a part of the teaching repertoire, but I guess it is. How do you explain to the public that the 14 year old kid in the front seat, naked but still wearing his seat belt, is ok . . .” – thefunnysideofautismin


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