Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Traveling Nudist Resort

Wish you lived at a nudist resort? Why not create your own in the way you live?

Many of us are home nudists. That's much like living at our own private nudist resort.

PJ and I have chosen to actually live at a nudist resort. It is great to be able to be natural pretty much anytime, but we still get dressed to go into town.

Lately we’ve taken several road trips. We traveled back from Texas to California a month ago, and are now on a trip to visit family in Utah, Omaha, and Sioux Falls. Most of the time I drove nude.

It feels so natural and right to be who you are whenever possible, even when driving, and naked is who I am and who I need to be. Recently I heard a great quote about that by a Reverend Davis: "Be who you is, not who you ain't, because if you be who you ain't you can't be who you is."

PJ joined me naked on occasion as we traveled, but was more reluctant, concerned about being seen by passing motorists.

That got me thinking. Why not create our own traveling nudist resort? If you’re already a nudist at home like we are, why not expand your nude time to your vehicle?

With just a little preparation, your car can become your private traveling nudist resort. That might be as simple as hanging a towel in the window to keep passing truckers from seeing in. Or maybe you could hang a short curtain across the lower part of the windows? I suspect window screens are available.

PJ made me a kilt that’s easy to wrap around should I need to stop, or be stopped by the police. A wrape for a woman needs to cover a little more, and perhaps be a little more stylish. Flip flops are easy to slip on.

Sure it takes a little courage to travel as a naturist, especially when stopping for fuel or a meal or to visit a scenic attraction, but it’s so simple to wrap up in a kilt, or put on shorts and a t-shirt (if needed), and slip on flip flops. But if we're truely naturists, we should be proud of it! Why not live it and share it when traveling?

Perhaps naturist activities can be done while traveling? I’ll think more on that.

Oh, and let’s not forget a naturist bumper sticker, and a naturist t-shit. And how about wearing a button saying “Ask me why I love being a naturist!”

Anyone out there have additional ideas or experiences with a Traveling Nudist Resort?


  1. Rhinestonekevin: I travel naked as often as possible. I asked my wife why we don't,when we are together, and her reply is similar to PJ's. Not wanting to be seen and then that our conversations when we drive are just too
    enthralling. I am making a trek this weekend to Ontario, Ca and will at least on the way back be naked. When I am travelling to a location where I know I have to get out and be professional, I am less likely to be naked, because of the difficulty of being dressed properly when I arrive. But I do love travelling naked. Your resort should be where ever you are.

  2. PdLortz: I could not agree more with the concept of a "Traveling Nudist Resort" although not having a car anymore and only getting around on bicycle makes that idea allot more difficult.

    In 1985 my family all moved from N. California to the place my Grandfather left my Father up Hiway 14 between Cedar City & Cedar Breaks so being all Nudists from the get-go we of course drove up there nude. All the woman did indeed have those little screens onthe lower part of the windows; the flip-flops were a no brainer and we guys all had kilts that could be worn if as you said the cops did pull up on us. Yes it did take a little pre-preperation but the drive from N. Calif. to S. Utah was a really enjoyable one for all of us. It's just such a natural thing to do, don't understand why more like-minded people do not travel that way. It is just an extention of and yet ANOTHER way to enjoy our lifestyle.

    As for me, like I said, I'm tryin' to figure out ways to bicycle nude without bringing down the wrath of all those closed-minded "Textil-ites".