Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meeting Others & Freehiking in Colorado

Here's a great report about meeting people and how accepting they can be of freehiking.


"I went into an area to hike on a Tuesday. It was up in Colorado, the trail head was about 1 hour from a city so I knew I could hike naked the whole day.

I got to the trail head and there was an older couple a woman and two dogs. I got out and was getting ready and the man came up and saw my plates from another state and started talking. They hike the trail a lot and the woman was their daughter, they were getting ready and they invited me to go with them. I declined and all three of them said I should come with them. I asked them how they felt about nudity, they kind of looked at me funny. I then explained free hiking and that was what I was planning on doing. The man said no problem. I said the women need to decide. So off they walked to their car and talked and came back and said it wouldn't bother them.

So I stripped down and off we went. The older man said he would like to try it and also stripped down as we were hiking; his wife kind of giggled a little.

Their daughter said she was going to stop for a minute and would catch up. She showed back up with her top off. We kept hiking and a little later she again said she would catch up, this time she caught up naked.

Her and her father were talking about how great it felt and couldn't believe how it felt. Mom kept all of her clothes on. They said they would do it again and Mom said she was to embarrassed to do it in front of strangers but she wanted to strip also." - jamaccl

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  1. have been freehiking since teens ,(am 60 now),.I have been aanr member and member of several resorts but now pretty much go it alone,..havnt been able to find many enthusiests in my area.....(Butte County) even though there are beautiful trails and parks where it is allowed....would like to know if others in my area....