Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is Naturism Boring?

I completely agree with this thought by GHL.


“As a nudist, I live my life nude pretty much all day (except when I am at work or out). The minute I walk into the door of my apartment, the first thing I do is take off my clothes. That is how I feel the most comfortable, the most myself, and the most "free". The draw to nudism is being able to do things I enjoy in the nude. Doing such things in the nude creates a greater meaning and enjoyment of the activity. . . what I enjoy most about nudism is the ability, when I can, to do outdoor/athletic things in the nude. Although I understand the relaxing and lounging part of nudism, I have always found it boring. When I go to nudist resorts . . . I could never understand why anyone would spend so much of their nude time sitting and lounging by the pool for hours at end. To me it is just beyond boring and a waste of time. . . It seems we are not talking about nudism as something more than leisure activity; it is also a culture and way of life. . . If you go back into history of nudism, it was not just something of leisure. East German nudism stressed health, fitness and taking care of one's body, a concept that is TOTALLY lost in American nudism. . . I relish at any chance to practice outdoor nudism and be active. It is just overall great. . . That my friends is what nudism is all about.” - GHL

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