Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Best Part is the People

". . . we decided we were going to go to our first nude resort! . . . As we arrived through the gate I remember thinking how perfect the weather was sunny and warm. I couldn’t wait to get undressed and feel the sun on my skin. . . Once the car was parked, it took me about a split second to shed my clothes. My wife just laughed a bit because she knows how I am! . . . As we walked through the tree lined pathways I never felt so close to nature, the elements were so intense. No matter how good this felt, NOTHING could have prepared me for what was next! The best part of being there was the PEOPLE. Everyone we passed looked right in our eyes and gave us a warm and genuine greeting. Thats right people being warm and genuine. THIS was a new experience for us. This was what it was all about, and until you feel it you can not even imagine how wonderful it is. Even my words here do not describe it. . . all I can say to you is GO . . . this weekend and meet the wonderful people that are naturists. Move past your anxiety and I guarantee you will say “Why oh why did I not do this sooner!“ So get up, Get out there, and meet the Greatest People on the Planet. You’ll love it! I guarantee!" - Eric

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