Saturday, May 21, 2011

Naturism Eliminates Abortion & Divorce

Can naturism alone solve societal issues such as abortion and divorce? The following excellent quote seems to claim this.

While I'd like to think so, I suspect more is required?

What do you think?


“There are about 4, 500 babies that are mercilessly murdered by abortion every day in the US alone. Of those 4, 500 mothers and fathers who abort (read kill) their babies, close to 70% claim Christianity as their religion . . . Another sad statistic . . . is that well over 60% of all so-called Christian marriages end in divorce. That is a lot of marriages and families that have been aborted. Yes, the religion of Christianity is very broken - just look at the carnage. . . There is a cure, a surefire cure, for the horrendous destruction of human life, whether it is through the death of divorce or abortion and the cure is so simple it makes you laugh - literally. Why? Because God designed us this way and our lives are meant to be fun and full of joy. What is it? It’s so simple that it seems crazy, but the answer is literally to just take your clothes off and live as God intended, naked and without shame. . . “Show me your faith without your works and I will show you my faith by my works.” What is my work? I get naked without shame before God and man. That is the “work” of faith! How easy and cool is that? Yes, for sure, we are saved and kept by grace, but it is by the “work” and faith of standing naked and unashamed, that we grow in Christ.” - Roland Smith


  1. "Oh, that it were that simple! I recently read the article from which you took this quote. We are much more complicated as beings then the article credits us as having. That said, I do believe that knowledge empowers when used with wisdom. I am aware that the youth of today in particular are becoming in ways brainwashed with the idea that bodies are only for sexual pleasure. whether for actual sex acts or mere fantasy. (I do remember, though faintly, being young once!)

    "I believe that naturism can help get people through some of the stages of innocent wonderment about what bodies really look like. Further, naturism removes the belief that all nakedness is sexual. That we are sexual beings is a given. That we can control our sexuality seems to be a point of discussion in our world today. It is in the understanding that we actually can choose when to be sexual and when not be, independent of clothes as the supposed shield for such behavior that I gained the most understanding. To that end naturism could and probably would help reduce abortion and divorce, but would not eliminate it." - Ernie

  2. "The practice of Naturism is only one facet of life. Practicing Naturism will not prevent abortion or divorce. There are other facets of human nature that decide abortion or divorce. Christian Naturist have gotten divorced and have had abortions. Naturism does not eliminate divorce or abortion." - Ralph

  3. "Ummm...really?!!!!! I don't think so. Abortion is a necessary evil. Until every child and adult is EDUCATED and takes RESPONSIBILITY for their bodies and their actions, there will be unwanted pregnancies.

    "Until young men realize they have just as much responsibility in safe sex as young women, there will be unwanted pregnancies. I personally would love to see every child (male and female) sterilized in some sort of reversible way until they're adults and can prove that they're physically, emotionally, financially, and psychologically competent to raise a child. Naturally there's no way to make that happen. That's about the only way you're going to get rid of abortion...and even then you'll have cases where the fetus needs to be aborted due to complications. Oh, and nature is the number one way abortions occur...sometimes the womb is a hostile environment and abortions naturally occur.

    "That's life. Deal with it. I also find it hilarious how men want to subjugate women by telling them what they can and can't do with their bodies...fetus or no, it's still a woman's body and unless the man is stepping up from the beginning (i.e. wearing a condom), he has NO RIGHT telling the woman what she can and can't do with her body. Maybe when you fellas figure out how to get yourselves pregnant I'll change my stance on this issue.

    "As for divorce, it's not the evil you want to make it out to be. People who marry young occasionally grow apart. They evolve. They no longer have a happy relationship and no amount of therapy is going to change that. Education and communication may reduce the need to divorce, but it won't stop them entirely. Oh, and what about abusive situations? Would you really want your daughter or son to stay in a relationship where they are being battered and belittled day in and day out? I doubt it, but hey, I could be wrong. Some people really do blame the abused for staying in a bad relationship and they think they're getting what they deserve.

    "So here's a newsflash for you: Nudists get divorced. Nudists have abortions. Until you live in their skins, you have no right to judge their life experience." - Laurie

  4. "Although I would love to see this as a truth – I am more than certain that there are "evil" nudists, and that many of these would claim to be Christian. The real answer is a life changed thru a personal relationship with Christ – clothed or otherwise." - FloridaBill

  5. "There are people who re fond of saying naturism can't solve everything, somehow intimating that naturism can't solve anything. People are too complex for their to be very many simple solutions to any of their issues. But there's no question that naturism can be a powerful positive influence in helping to resolve a lot of issues in our society. Just because it's not a "cure-all" doesn't mean it's not part of the cure." - Marty

  6. "No, I really don't think so. As I see it, naturism, by itself, doesn't fundamentally change human behavior in these kinds of ways except maybe for those otherwise seeking to make a change. It is simply more complete, more open, honest, and truthful. Some will use that knowledge and completeness to embrace hedonistic ideas and some will find it healing and perhaps strengthening. On balance, and as much as I believe in, like, and practice naturist ideals, I don't think it would really make any significant overall difference to these kinds of social issues. Of course that would also be my point - it doesn't make any difference, so why do so many seem to believe so fervently in something that is so irrational? Even to the point of denying what I believe are basic human rights - the right to dress, or not dress, however and wherever one pleases. In my mind that is where the real social issues are (that can and should be addressed), when parts of humanity take it upon themselves to deny other parts for reasons that have no rational foundation. In my mind, it's about humanity and human rights, not abortion and divorce (or anything sexual, etc., etc. as often seems to be alleged)." - Lee