Friday, May 20, 2011

Answering the Door – Nude?

Imagine you’re relaxed and undressed at home and suddenly you hear a knock on the door. What do you do? (I’m sure this has happened to many of my readers.)

PJ and I live at a naturist resort most of the time, and there we just open the door naked to welcome whoever is knocking.

But I remember a time not long ago when what to do was a concern. We usually jumped up and threw on the robes that we kept in the closet by the door, not wanting to offend the person who was knocking.

We’ve been traveling the last few weeks to visit family and friends, so we threw our robes in the trunk in case they were needed - not needed so far, but we prepared. Still, I wonder if we are overly concerned, and perhaps even lying in a way. After all, our family all know we are nudists, so why try to be something we’re not? Maybe we ought to be more open.

What do you think?

What do you do when someone knocks on the door and you’re naked at home?

Here are a few thoughts from others about this:

“I put a pair of shorts on to answer the door. If it's someone I know then I apologize for the delay as I don't wear clothes around the house. More often than not they say not to worry they wouldn't be offended. Next time they call then I answer the door nude. I get a lot more visitors now and every Thursday Wendy an elderly friend from a few doors down knocks at the door for a chat whilst walking her dog! This way nobody is offended and I can enjoy being naked at home.” - CJ Devon

"I like to keep some shorts hanging by the door. It’s easy to put these on fast. But it reminds me of the “oops” moment I had a while back. I was cleaning the house and listening to music, so I was really zoning out at the time. The doorbell rang and I quickly went to open it. I opened the door and it was the mail lady dropping off a package for something my wife ordered. I took the package and even commented on how nice the day was. She commented back and just smiled and told me to have a great afternoon. When I closed the door and turned to walk towards the kitchen I noticed my shorts on the chair. Needless to say I had an OMG moment. I laughed and so did my wife when she got home. The next day I made a point to talk to the mail lady (with my shorts on). She just laughed and told me her best friend is a nudist. So it wasn’t a big deal but we laugh about it when I run in to her. I’m sure everyone has had an “oops” moment at some point." - NudieIrishBoy


  1. I think people are more forgiving if it's a female. I started answering the door nude years ago and have not had any issues. However, I fully believe a male would have a much more difficult time in today's society. It's a shame, but it seems like a large part of society is just looking for an excuse to be offended these days.

  2. Probably true on both counts - female and looking to be offended. Thanks for the comment.

    Have you had many expereinces answering the door nude? Tell us more if you have - I'm sure many are interested.

  3. "If it's unexpected I usually throw on towel and let the caller think that I was bathing or in the shower. If it someone I know well I just stand behind the door and warn them that I am comfortable" - Dasy12

  4. "I work as a stock market day trader so I have the luxury of being nude at work and nude at home all at the same time. I live on almost three acres and my nearest neighbor is a good quarter of a mile away behind a heavily leaved forest so being nude inside or outside doesn't present a problem except on the rare occasion when postal deliveries or Jehova Witnesses or Mormon missionaries come around.

    My home has a huge window in the living room that opens onto my front porch and it is very easy to see into my home through this window. Since I work with a laptop from an easy chair facing the window, I won't usually see anyone arrive at my home until it is too late to do anything about it. The damage is done and I've been "caught with my pants down" so to speak.

    I did receive a complaint from the local post office when one of their mail carriers saw me nude in my home. She didn't leave the package; she turned around and left. I was a little surprised when the local post master dropped by later that day and delivered the package. Again, I was nude in my home when he showed up at my front porch. He could clearly see me in my chair working away.

    The good news was that he and his family are also nudists so he was very understanding. The person that delivered my mail that day was a substitute carrier. He said that he would make a note of telling anyone that covered my route that I was a nudist so that there wouldn't be an issue again and he would make a point of verifying with my regular carrier that I was a nudist and not breaking any laws by being nude in my own home.

    I don't know if it would be helpful to inform your local post office of your lifestyle choice or not, but in my case, it helped. I do have a pair of shorts that I have for when unexpected people show up, but from where I work, it is impossible to put them on without being seen. And yes, I do put on my shorts when my regular postal carrier or package delivery service delivers packages. The same can be said for pizza delivery but then I usually have my shorts on when they arrive because I know within a half hour of when they will be coming.

    By the way, I would be more than willing to talk to the JWs or missionaries when they drop by but it seems that even when I'm wearing shorts and no shirt that they are uncomfortable after seeing me put on my shorts.

    I don't intend to cause any problems with my lifestyle, but can't stand to wear clothes." - TM

  5. "Well Ken, I see it as a recipe for disaster.

    "Just because one is in the sanctity of one's own home doesn't necessarily make it legal.

    "Given that we have 50 states in the USA, and the laws vary by a factor of 50, the best one can do is summarize and go with generalities.

    "For the most part, it remains the responsibility of the person to shield oneself from others seeing you nude.

    "This means that your backyard fences have to be plenty high and free of slits between the boards and any knotholes, and if your neighbor can easily see over the fences from a second story window, your goose is also cooked. It is not an invasion of your privacy when the course of normal events allows one to see in. You must also draw your shades or blinds when in your own home.

    "If you can be seen by passers-by on your open or otherwise visible property, in a yard, through an open doorway, or an unshaded window, you could be considered being willfully nude in view of the public.

    "Depending on your local statutes you could be charged with indecent exposure or lewd conduct. In many states this is an offense, if convicted, which places you on a sexual offender registry.

    "Willfully opening one's door to one's home while in the nude can also bring such a legal response. Simply because you are in the (alleged) privacy of your own home is no legal barrier to protect you.

    "I cannot begin to enumerate the number of press clips I have reviewed in the last 20 years that has had someone arrested for being seen nude in their own living room because the shades were not drawn. It rarely turned out OK.

    "I'd also not be so certain about relatives being tolerant. Same is true of someone who works in your home. Just because you advise someone you are a nudist and they say (verbally) that they are OK with your nudity, is not protection enough, and would be (at best) hearsay in a court proceeding. Even getting it in writing is no guarantee.

    Nudity at a nudist park is different because it is private property and is also established for that purpose. Even so, plenty of delivery services have refused to enter such facilities or only go as far as the front gate.

    "And so... I keep a pair of shorts and a robe handy and NEVER answer my door nude.

    "It proves little, and exposes one (no pun intended) to legal jeopardy." - DMK

  6. "Simply put, I think it's bullshit [the preceeding comment], but yes, it is the legal reality in far too many places." - Lee

  7. "I am widowed since 2004 and so I live at home alone. If I were living in a Naturist community, I would think nothing of answering the door au natural. After all, they had to get past security and the front desk would caution them that this is a Naturist community so they shouldn't be shocked with nudity and if they are not prepared for nudity to call the individual instead of visiting in person.

    "However, at home, I put shorts on, but I like your idea of placing a robe in the closet next to the door.

    "After all, I am reminded what Paul said about eating meat sacrificed unto idols. We are to refrain from doing things that would make our fellow Brothers and Sisters of weaker faith to stumble and fall. We as God's children are not to serve as stumbling blocks.I should submit my feelings toward Naturism to not serve as a stumbling block to those who do not understand. We should put our feelings aside in favor of our brethren of weaker faith. My thoughts for what they are worth." - Ralph Logan