Friday, April 29, 2011

White Sands Naked

The end of March, we (Ken and PJ) enjoyed a road trip from El Paso where we were working, to southern New Mexico. We visited a number of interesting areas around Alamagorsa, NM, but the most enjoyable place by far was White Sands National Monument ( White Sands sits at the base of desert mountains. The sand is made from Gypsum, the stuff from which sheet rock is made. Over the millennia gypsum crystals that were created in a lake at the southern end of this area had broken down to form a soft white sand, that was then blown into over 250 miles of vast, sandy-white dunes. Very little vegetation grows in this sand. And unlike beach sand, it doesn’t stick to the body at all.

So, it was March, the time of the year when there were few visitors, and the weather was warm – what were two naturists to do but park, take off into the dunes, and get naked. Freehiking has always been Ken’s passion, and PJ loves the experience of being nude in nature as well - it was a joyous time sharing some naked time together in the white sand.

Ken got naked immediately after cresting the first sand dune twenty-five yards from the car. We dropped into a valley and followed it between the dunes where a little grass (dry this time of the year) and an occasional yucca cactus had survived. After perhaps a quarter mile we reached the base of a steep, colossal dune. Here PJ decided she had to get nude as well – creating nude sand angels and posing for a few memorable photos, including her signature pose – legs spread, arms extended to the sky, shot from behind. We have many photos of her signature pose, taken at locations across the country. (See photos at ).

From there, we freehiked the dunes together for some time, looking back on occasion to be sure we didn’t get lost (something that would be so easy to do in the vast dunes of sand). Looking back at one point we noticed a couple standing on the crest of a distant dune. They looked as small as ants, so there was no way they could tell we were enjoying a freehike - no concern. It wouldn’t really have mattered to us anyway. We don’t like to shock others with our nudity; we’re not exhibitionists, but we are unashamed naturists and are not really embarrassed by being naked around textiles. One sure sign of true, experienced naturists is that they proudly and openly share with friends, family, and people they meet that they prefer living nude as God intended.

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