Friday, April 22, 2011

Living at a Nudist Resort

Anyone live or has lived at a nudist resort? For those that do. What are the pros and cons of living at a nudist resort?

Yes - PJ and I live at Olive Dell Ranch in Colton California.

Pros are obvious - we can be naked anywhere and any time we want. We've created a nude park (Dellymaze), a nude nature trail, eat nude, soak nude, play games nude, dance nude, host nude karaoke. I hike nude most days directly from our trailer. Our neighbors all live as nudists. Out of town nudist friends often come to visit. We just finished sponsoring the 2nd annual Bare Burro 5K - 101 nude runners. (You can see much of this including my photo at .) What a perfect way to live.

Cons - Textile friends and family and business associates seldom visit, and some don't understand.


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