Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saddle Mountain Freehike

On our way back from Texas, PJ and I stopped and stayed overnight at Casablanca’s place in Tonopah, AZ. We had the chance to meet Bill and Camilla briefly, talked for some time with a young man new to naturism who lived there, and enjoyed the guest house. A few other naturists lived there, but we met only Ajo, a 70 year old naturist who agreed to guide me on a freehike of Saddle Mountain, and that hike made the entire visit worthwhile.

Saddle Mountain rises steeply from the barren desert only a few miles south from the Tonopah freeway exit. The dramatic mountain is easily seen from the road. The dirt road to the mountain can certainly be accessed by car. The area offers hours and hours of scenic freehiking territory.

Ajo and I got nude where we parked the truck, and took some shorts along in case we ran into other people (something I’ve nearly got out of the habit of doing since living at Olive Dell Ranch).

First, we freehiked up a small hill to visit a memorial site. Along the way we observed a natural arch – Indian Eye – and checked a geocache. The wind and sun on our naked bodies felt sooo nice, and views of the surrounding desert from the top were breathtaking.

Then we descended into the valley below and freehiked along the base of the higher mountains. Along the way we crossed several washes, and saw flowers, cactus, a ancient Indian grinding rock with a wonderful petroglyph on the side – probably a ceremonial site – and even a rattlesnake.

Although we could have spent many additional hours hiking nude in these mountains, by lunchtime it was time to return to meet up with PJ so we could get back home. As always, it was difficult to get dressed, but that didn’t last long. Soon PJ and I were driving nude down the freeway, two comfortable naturists driving to our home in California.

If you ever find yourself driving between Phoenix and Southern California, I highly recommend a stop to hike Saddle Mountain. (Photos of this freehike can be seen at .)

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