Thursday, April 7, 2011

El Paso Center Hill Freehike

My favorite freehike east of El Paso is the Center Hill Hike (my name). I hiked it alone once, and just before leaving El Paso, PJ hiked it with me. It starts just south of the Pole Line Road, and heads west towards a lonely hill surrounded by flat desert land.

The vegetation along the way is typically El Paso, with lots of greasewood and a few yucca cactus. The dirt road ends at the south end of the hill, and it’s an easy, sloping hike to the summit from that point.

There are many different cactus plants to enjoy on the way to the top, where a wonderful 360 degree view greets you. You can see El Paso in the distance. The breezes feel wonderful as they cool the sweat from your naked body. It’s a great place to thank God for the surrounding beauty. This is why I love freehiking.

I took several photos of the hike, the view, and of PJ’s signature pose. (See photos of this hike at: .)

We’ve now returned to our place at Olive Dell Ranch. Every day since, I’ve been busy working nude cleaning up Dellymaze Park, getting ready for the April 17th Bare Burro 5k. We won’t miss the work or town of El Paso, but we will always remember the freehiking there, especially the Center Hill Hike. (Let me know if you’d like more detailed directions for the Center Hill Hike.)

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