Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bare Burro 5K - Beginner's Experience

All had a great time at the Olive Dell Ranch's Bare Burro 5K this past weekend. I'll post a summary report soon, but for now, thanks to Robin W. for this nice summary.


All the Nudes that are Fit to Sprint
A Beginner’s Nude 5k Experience
by Robin W.

It started when one of my tri-athlete friends sent me a link to a Nike Nude Running video on You Tube. They were touting the new very lightweight running shoe by having all the runners in the video naked. It seemed to me that naked running was an actual event, so I Googled and found it was.

I discovered that the Olive Dell Ranch (about 1 hour away) was just getting ready to host its 2nd annual nude 5k trail run (Bare Burro 5K). I was intrigued. I went to the results from last year and saw that if I could run in under 31 minutes, I would get a medal! I have done numerous running and triathlon races, never coming in shouting distance of a podium finish and here was my opportunity for fame! I could do 31 minutes.

I sent off my registration and continued my training. None of my friends were willing to join me at this event, not even as spectators, so I headed off alone.

In the parking lot, I quickly stripped off my clothes, feeling absolutely no queasiness. The last time I had been naked in public was many, many years ago in Boy Scouts and at the YMCA (boy, times sure have changed). I was expecting to feel slightly foolish or at least something, but felt very relaxed and at ease.

Finding the sign up table I quickly got my number painted on my leg. Number 59! They also gave me a green wrist band indicating that I had no concerns about being photographed. In fact, I wanted to be photographed. I make a montage of all my races and events, and figured with careful cropping, there needed to be no exception made. I found one of the race officials and he pointed me to Becky, one of the owners. She was not running the race and agreed to take my picture. I gave her my camera and told her I would shout when I came close to the finish line. (See photos at http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/bareburro5k2011)

I had about an hour to kill so looked over the first 1/8 mile of the race. It was pointed out to me that we would run up to the water tower (not that big of a hill), around and then, way, way up to that distant hill where people were waving (far, far away and way, way uphill).

I was very sad to learn that the local running club was invited. I queried and discovered that I had absolutely zero chance of a podium finish (oh, well).

Soon we were off and running. Dusty and Hot. Uphill about 500 feet in the first 1.8 miles. Fortunately there was water every half mile (THANK YOU volunteers). Didn’t see any burro’s but saw a rattlesnake and a bunny (not together).

As I came near the finish line I hollered for Becky. She got excellent pictures of my strong finish. I took a quick shower and a dip in the freezing cold pool. Hung around to cheer on the podium finishers and thank all the volunteers.

As a first time nudist experience I would have to ask, why didn’t I do this sooner? What I discovered was that instead of feeling weird or funny, I felt very relaxed. Something about stripping down bare, also allowed me to strip off my worldly cares and concerns. I was so surprised that this turned into such a relaxing experience for me. I got laid off (work force reduced) two years ago and have been stuck in a depression. I have decided that I am no longer unemployed, merely retired. I am hoping that this bright spot yesterday will start me on the path of getting out of the two-year funk.

It’s highly recommended. I’ll be back next year, but alas, still without any possibility of a podium finish.

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