Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bare Burro 5K a Big Success

Olive Dell Ranch Family Nudist Resort held another extremely successful nude run this past weekend - the second annual Bare Burro 5K. Under the continuing direction of Ken and Jane, with help from many volunteers, the event attracted 101 nude runners along with many spouses and friends from all over the western United States. All received memorable T-shirts (see the artwork at ), and awards were given to the top three finishers in each age category, as well as to the top three overall finishers.

Perhaps as important as the fun had by all, the resort made a profit, the membership organization made nearly $1000, a number of new potential members were identified, and naturism itself got a boost because of advertising, participation from the local non-nudist running club, and help from . We look forward to even more participation during next year’s 2012 Bare Burro 5K.
(Many participants also commented about the wonderfully creative Dellymaze Park, the creation of Ken and Jane, during organized tours held after the race.)

A more detail report will be sent as photos come in, but for now, here are a few thoughts from another participant:

“I'm back home now . . . thank you for . . . the Bare Burro run again this year. . . I walked it with Eric and, again, had a great time. We just talked and talked, and he told me about all of the trails he's hiked up in the hills, and we talked about lots of other things. I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed his company. Like last year, I came in last, but that's okay. . . I got to see many people I remembered from last year . . . I also met some new people who I hope to see next year . . . You have a really nice (Dellymaze) park . . . I feel like an old friend at Olive Dell. Everyone is just so nice. Again, thank you . . . It is difficult to stand behind my car, putting my clothes on, getting ready to leave, knowing it will be another year before I will be able to return and see you all again. I really, really have enjoyed my time at Olive Dell.” – Jay

Thanks to Jay for sharing these thoughts about the Bare Burro 5K. We look forward to next year’s nude run/walk and welcome everyone to come visit us at Olive Dell Ranch and the Dellymaze Park.

Ken and Jane

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  1. Do you know if the results are compiled anywhere? I ran this race with some of my friend (it was loads of fun!) and we were just curious about overall place and stuff... we're competitive like that. I already tried the Olive Dell Ranch website "Contact Us" form, but haven't heard anything back.