Saturday, March 12, 2011

Three El Paso Freehikes

I freehiked three times in the desert east of El Paso during the last part of February and the first part of March, 2011. PJ was busy getting ready for work, and we’ve not found freehiking companions in El Paso, so I hiked alone – no nude photos on these hikes – but trust me, the photographer was definitely nude, except shoes and socks of course.

All three were morning hikes, from about 8:30 am to 10:30 am. Morning is a wonderful time to freehike in the desert. The sun on your nude body is warm, but not too hot, and the breezes are light and refreshing. It’s too early for bothersome flies. And best of all, morning is a great time for healthy exercise, and what could be healthier than freehiking, clearing you mind of the workplace stresses, and getting some all-over vitamin D? Besides, morning is a great time to take a few photos as can be seen in the short reports below:

Indian Caves Freehike – I freehiked to the (Indian?) caves. While not deep, these natural depressions in the cliffs are interesting. Unfortunately they have been “junked up” by people, and the only obvious petroglyph has been nearly destroyed. The caves are only a short hike from the main dirt road, so I started some distance past the main cave road, at the Poleline Road, and then worked my way on less used dirt roads along the base of the hills until I reached the caves.

This is definitely a weekday freehike since many people use this area for target practice on weekends. Here are a few photos of this hike:

Round Hill Freehike – The sky was beautiful when I freehiked the dirt roads around this small hill. I visited several rocky camping spots at the base of the hill, and climbed to the top. The views of the desert below and the clouds above were fantastic. There are times when the beauty that surrounds a nude soul goes unnoticed until the photos are reviewed. Freehiking - being one with nature – is wonderful and amazing. How can freehiking be resisted? That’s how I feel as I review the photos and describe the Round Hill Freehike.

The only disadvantage to this hike is its nearness to the dirt road - you’ll occasionally see truckers. Here are a few photos from this hike:

Second Wash Freehike – This hike has several advantages. It starts very soon after leaving the highway, so you only have to drive a short distance on the dirt road. You can park on the side road to the left just before crossing the second cement washway and start freehiking immediately. This large wash slices its way southwest through flat desert lands, between the hills. Over the years it has cut to the bedrock so you are about ten feet below the desert floor and can freehike without being seen. The footing is rocky and a bit treacherous, so take care. Dirt roads occasionally cross the wash and allow easy access to beautiful desert vistas, though there are few interesting plants in this area. I walked the wash naked until I met the poleline road several miles into the desert, then returned.

The only potential problem with this hike is the fact that ATVs seem to use it as a road – there were quite a few tracks – so it is probably best to avoid weekends.

If you’d like a short freehike, try going left (northeast) up the wash from the parking place, towards the freeway. This section of the wash appears to be used much less. I walked about 15 minutes up this section of the wash, but needed to return before reaching the end.

You can see photos of this Second Wash Freehike at:

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