Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More About Night Freehiking

Here are a few additional thoughts about freehiking at night:

Has anyone else experienced night freehiking?

"Often. I like a couple things about it. The world is quiet, peaceful, deserted. Places seem bigger and more magical in the dark compared to daylight when you can see all the mundane things surrounding you. Since most everyone is in bed, you feel like you have the world to yourself. And you can be nude in places you could never get away with during the day." - Marty

"I have done a few night and early morning hikes. These tend to be very peaceful times as the sun has set but there is still a little evening glow or the sun is on the rise. The best for me is in the southern California desert on a nice spring or early summer evening when it is nice out. There also tends to be more options for night hikes (fewer hikers on the trail, and those that are usually have headlamps to let you know they are coming)." - hikeeerf

“Haven't done any significant night nude hiking myself, but did observe some a few years ago. Three of us had done the Half Dome hike in Yosemite National Park in August. Coming down one of our party had physical problems. I stayed with him, and we moved slowly along as he was able while the third person when ahead for help. The result of all that was that we didn't get out to the road until 2:00 a.m. We were about half a mile from the road, dog tired and moving even slower, when we heard hikers coming up behind us at a brisk pace. As they passed us we saw it was two couples, all of them nude except for boots and backpacks. After they moved ahead I said, "I wasn't expecting to see that." My sick friend responded, "You never know when you'll see bares in Yosemite." It was a warm night, and hiking nude must have felt great.” - Luvnaturism

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