Monday, March 7, 2011

I Can’t See Anything

"When I go hiking (wearing clothes), I feel like my eyes are closed and my nose is clogged, I can’t see anything if my skin is clothed. I need to feel the earth and what we are doing to her." - Zac Robertson

Me too - how about you?


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  1. im watching expedition africa & sadly i might not ever be comfortable hiking naked (at least many places). The bonus stuff i have maybe some hours left & now i really want snake proof pants. Until u watch this day long video you have no idea how many nasty animals there are. Puff adders follow you, cobras spray blinding poison 8 feet & snakes r just the start. I love being naked but not with thousands of animal threats (i won't tell others cause this could be bad for nudism)

    As far as the ignorant Americans who think nude photos are child porn, well this video has nude images of kids several times so far, but not as much as N. G. Explorer 25 Years
    i would buy the 25 years vid for anyone who thinks nude photos r child porn or even prince of persia or superman 1978