Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Share Freehiking with Fiancee

“. . . the other day brought a very important first for me when my fiancee and I went . . . for a few hours of hiking. She has more-or-less accepted that I prefer hiking with only my shoes . . . About 1/2 mile into this hike as she walked point, I simply jumped out of my shorts and rolled them up. She said she was ‘honored’ that I would go naked with her on a hike. I said that it was my honor to have her with me while I did this very enjoyable and personal activity. It seems like she eventually might try it, but now with my favorite person right there with me I no longer fear about keeping my closest personal interests intact for life! . . . Perhaps most importantly, my fiancee bore first-hand witness to the elegant sensuality of the experience as I feel pretty much unable to be grumpy when I am naked outside. . . this has been one of the conflicts I needed to resolve in order to feel right about entering into another permanent relationship. . . I could not be happy if I were asked to promise to 'quit hiking naked' . . . This development has created a tremendous reward in full integration of my life with hers. It has also sort of ‘purified’ my direction. In some sense relating to naked hikes, I have felt somewhat misdirected and have done some self-interrogating . . . Now that I have shared this with the one person I would ever ‘have’ to share it with in full honesty, it feels amazingly correct for me to hike naked; physiologically, spiritually, and morally.” - Acoustixman

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