Saturday, April 3, 2010

Naturist Families at Olive Dell

PJ and I spent several days over the last week at Olive Dell Ranch preparing for our current and soon to be friends who are coming for the Bare Burro 5K (April 18th). I mowed the weeds in Dellymaze Park and on the Nature Trail, and took some photos of plants to incorporate into the Nature Trail Guidebook that is nearly complete.

We’ve had a good number of visitors. One, John, a visitor from Santa Barbara, was surprised at all the fun characters in the Dellymaze Park and stated that Dellymaze was over half of the experience at Olive Dell. It’s always fun to share what we’ve done.

This week I was again reminded of how nice it is when families are naturists.

Yesterday I met a young couple (20s) who were taking a two-week vacation at Olive Dell. I met them at the hot tub where they were soaking and playing with their daughters (six and three years old). They had only recently become naturists, and they shared how much they loved it, especially the wife. Their visit started the day before, and they had walked Dellymaze Park - loved it. We invited them to come back anytime for a tour. Later in the day we saw the family playing shuffleboard together. It was so enjoyable watching this young family, and especially the children, play naked around the resort.

Several days earlier, I had returned from working on Sierra Street, a new trail that I was building for one of the kids that lived at the resort. I was met on the deck by four children from the resort (ages 12 to 6). They were so excited about the new trail in the Park, especially because PJ was putting in an alien feature.

So imagine the scene: Four young naturist girls talking excitedly (and totally unconcerned) with a naked old man covered with dirt from working (not a dirty old man), drinking a soda, sitting in a chair on a deck outside a trailer. Where else but at a naturist park? I love our happy place at live Dell Ranch!

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