Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bare Burro 5K was Super!

Sorry - It’s taken way too long to share the results of the April 18, 2010 Bare Burro 5K; life has been way too busy. But, here’s a summary:

The weather for the Bare Burro 5K was perfect! I walked the course early Sunday morning to put up the mile markers, and discovered that the burros had pooped on most of the directional arrows we’d painted the day before, so I walked the course a 2nd time before the race to scoop up the poop and repaint.

The volunteers started setting up at 8:30 am, just before the first participants arrived. Parking, registration, , t-shirts, painting numbers – the volunteers were rushed, but things were completed with few hitches – though we learned several lessons for next year’s event. By the time registration finished, we had nearly 100 participants – way more than expected.
At 10:30 everyone gathered at the starting line for a group photo. (I’ll email photos to participants as soon as I get them all, but for now here is a link to a few: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/bareburro5krace ). Dan of “ThingsToDoNude.com” took photos, and his wife and Don helped with timing and awards - a “special” thanks goes to them for all their help. Bobbie also had a film crew on hand (that was unexpected).

Then, the starting horn sounded, and the runners and walkers were off. The timers waited.
Just over 23 minutes later, Harrow yelled out, “Here comes the first runner.” It was Lee P – 23:21. Here’s his description of the finish:

“As I got toward the finish I had the strangest thought and feeling, initially thinking "What if I win?" and then as I got closer and closer and realized nobody was anywhere close to me andthe hard part was over the "what if" progressively turned toward complete disbelief. It was extremely gratifying to cross the finish line, and yet it felt extremely weird and I really didn't know what to make of it. I'm still not sure I do. It was something I never expected to experience - never. That never even happened to me back during teenage years when I thought I could actually run. The only thing I think struck me as stranger than the finish and fact of that finish itself was the number afterwards that indicated that they were "not at all surprised". Well, “I” was surprised, absolutely dumbstruck in fact!”

And here are a few comments from other participants:

“It was quite an event, and a finish for me I still can't believe happened, or was even possible - among other issues, surely I'm much too old for that sort of thing by now. Winning a 5k, and for the first time ever, at age 46?! I'm not sure I've ever even had dreams that incredible.” – Lee

“The Bare Burro was my first-ever run/walk with an organized group and I had a fantastic time. Just wanted to say Thanks!!! I wish you were doing it every weekend! Or at least once a month! I'm already looking forward to next year. Olive Dell is a perfect setting for it, the view from the highpoint on the course was fantastic (and lingering there probably added 5 minutes to my time). Thanks again for putting together such a perfect event, on a perfect day, in an ideal setting. Looking forward to walking the course next time I'm back at Olive Dell, and getting in better shape to cut down my time in next year’s Bare Burro.” – Joe

“I have to commend you and the rest of the staff at Olive Dell for putting together such a successful event. The Bare Burro 5K was great. From the courteous staff, to all the line and arrow painting, to the signage, to the awards, I know from experience how much work goes into organizing an event like this. You all did an amazing job! It was fun, along with informative, introducing new folks to what Olive Glen has to offer. Great job! Thanks again for all your hard work.” – Jon

“Fantastic weather! Wonderful run, and a terrific day! Thanks for opening up your facilities, and to everyone for their welcoming attitude. I can't wait to come back!” - Paul

“I want to thank you for experience of running in the Bare Burro 5km last Sunday. Even though it was the toughest clothing optional course I have ever run, it was fun. The turnout was very good. More than most of the C/O races around the country. Only Washington State races have more and they have been around for over 20 years.” - Joe

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an event that will remain in my memory for years to come. I used to compete in 5 and 10K runs on a regular basis years and years ago but stopped after having some back and knee problems. Never have I had as much fun as I did on the Bare Burro 5K. Olive Dell was a great place to have our first Southern California Nude 5K event and I look forward to next year’s Bare Burro Run and will be in better shape next time! Thanks again to you and all the others for putting together this great event. Thanks to Olive Dell Ranch for hosting and to Bobby and Becki for being such fantastic hosts.” - Andy

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We had a great time today. Your volunteers and staff were wonderful, and so was the cheeseburger I got from the cafe. Obviously, the course is extremely difficult, even harder than the Fraternity Snoqualmie hill climb. I have a fused right ankle, so I went up some of the hills on my toes. Maybe you could have a handicapped class next year. Thanks again.” – Robby

“I ran the Bare Burro 5K last Sunday and loved every minute of it (ok, not while I was running the uphills!) People are so friendly and so welcome! I look forward to come back to the 2nd annual Bare Burro 5k!” - Joe

“I truly enjoyed the experience of running in the bare! That was an exciting experience. The weather was gorgeous and the people at the resort are so friendly. I will definitely be back.” - Joe Y.

Here’s Naken’s report about the Bare Burro 5K; thanks Naken:

“I am not sure where to begin on this report [about the Bare Burro 5K]. It was a three day event for me so I will start on Friday. . . I checked in, and the camping was only $36 for the two nights and three days. I met the owner BOBBY and he showed me a great spot to camp. I quickly got out of my clothes and set up my tent, etc. I decided to walk around an give my self a tour of the resort - this place is a classic with rustic charm and great people. I greeted everyone I met as if I lived there - this was fun. I then hiked up in the hills . . . this was different for me - I could not claim I went bare hiking because I was already bare ass naked to start with. I used the pool & hot tub and met more people. Saturday I got up and hit the hot tub at 5am for a good soak, and then to breakfast at 8 am. At about 9 am I went up to meet Ken Freehiker and PJ his wife - great people and full of energy. . . six of us went with Ken to hike the course and put up direction signs. . . I spent the rest of the day soaking up sun and swimming - meeting even more people. Saturday night a live band played till midnight with very lively, mostly naked dancers - YES I was dancing. SUNDAY morning 5k time, estimated 60 people preregistered, but at race time 98 runners and hikers plus kids. The course itself was very challenging, up hill, down hill, flats, loose dirt, rocks, washouts, etc - this was no ordinary 5k - this was as close to cross country as it gets, and all these people from young kids to over 70 naked, running, walking, having a great time. About half way through the race I was running with a group of about five and up ahead saw two guys pull up on a hill on dirt bikes. They stopped to see what the hell is going on here -they just shook there helmets and road away - boy what a story they have to tell. This was my first bare 5k run walk and I did very well finishing in the top 100 - with a final late kick I improved my time and sprinted by three other runners. Everyone had a great time and a good awards ceremony at the pool afterwards. (Interesting note: many of these participants were not nudist or naturist, but just runners . . .) Southern CALIFORNIA’s first BARE 5k will go as history being made - I was there, I did it.” - Naken

Jay’s report about the Bare Burro 5K; thanks Jay:

“I just wanted to write to thank you for allowing me to visit your park last Sunday for the Bare Burro run. I really enjoyed the company and hospitality. To be honest, I was somewhat ambivalent about coming. . . I've been to a few nude beaches a number of times over the last twenty years. I've had good and bad experiences. . . I don't consider myself antisocial, but I am also not very forward or very good at meeting people. . . I also understand many do not openly welcome single males. So I also thought I may come only to be tolerated but not welcomed. What I found was a very happy medium.“The first people I met at the front gate were nice but professional. They had to get us through and keep traffic moving. I got lost finding the parking area but people helped me with no animosity. I knew I needed to check in with registration but didn't know where it was. I decidedthe red arrows must be to point the way so started following them. After not very long I thought they may be to mark the trail. So I asked a guy walking by where registration was located. . . So check in went uneventfully. I joked with the woman painting our numbers that my number (54) is the same as my age. . .“I used to be a good runner but am not anymore for a number of reasons. I knew I wouldn't be first but didn't care. I enjoyed the trail, the views, and especially the people. I stopped to talk to the people showing us which way to go and who were operating the water stops. I thought if I can't be first then I'll just be last. However, a woman I ran across on trail has a track record of coming in last. And I didn't want to ruin her reputation. But to let you in on a secret, I actuallycame in third to last. Laura was second to last. But Chica (Laura’s dog - runner # 64 1/2) actually takes low honors for coming in dead last.So two hours later we came in. I showered the sweat, sun tan lotion, and red number off of my leg, and jumped into the pool briefly. While sitting in the shade by the pool a few people stopped by, sitting in the empty chair next to me, and we'd talk for a few minutes. And I enjoyedall of their company. . . I had a wonderful time. Absolutely nothing went wrong. Everyone I met and talked with was great. I was under no pressure to do or not do anything. The whole thing was an amazing event. So I just wanted to write to thank you for letting me participate and enjoy all of your company. You have a great community there. I was just thinking how great it would be if everyone knew their neighbor's pet's names, and we could stand in the middle of the street and yell out, "I smell cookies baking!”

“I’m still recuperating from the 5K Bare Burro Run that took place here this past weekend! It’s hard to believe that this little bitty idea became such a huge success. I’m sure there were a couple of people who weren’t altogether certain how this would pan out, but, I’m sure now, they’re thinking the planners are geniuses. As for Bobby and me, not only do we think that they’re super smart with all their great ideas, but they are that rare type of people who like to do things that are in the best interest of their club, not just for themselves! Those people are hard to come by these days, and Olive Dell is extremely lucky to have them as part of our ‘family’.” – Becki

David’s report from the Naked Truth, the Olive Dell Newsletter:

Bare Burro 5K Run. 98 runners dashed from the starting line, men women and children and a dog. 23 minutes and 21 seconds later, Lee crossed the finish line. The rugged race ran to the "picnic" table and returned to the place where they started, the turn into the parking lot.

Alexis, the first woman finishing, had a time of 32:18 and C. was the first youngster at 46:38. That's minutes and seconds. Becki made it in 48 minutes!

This has been a labor of love for Ken and Jane who created this project and made it happen.

Lots of volunteers - Registrars: Larry, Marilu, Harold and Sandy. Timekeepers Dan and Don, both from ThingsToDoNude.Com. Water people, arrow sign holders and direction helpers. Golf
carts led the runners and followed behind for safety. If an OD resident wasn't running, they were helping the racers. Pale skins showed that most runners were first time visitors to Olive Dell, including several new Facebook Fans!

No burros were seen on the course, but Ken said that he had painted the red and blue markers in the dirt along the course the day before. Morning of the race, he said he had checked the trail and that burros had pooped on many of the painted markers. He brushed them off and repainted.

Thanks to Rich & Penny for keeping our webpage (http://www.olivedellranch.com/) current with registration forms available before the race. Send Ken a thank you note. He's at kenfreehiker@yahoo.com .

Here are the results:

Top Three:
Lee P. - 23:21
Tom A. - 25:02
Jay C. - 25:46

Top Men
20-29 - Tom M., Andrew F., Mike M.
30-29 – Munir S., Steven E., George R.
40-49 – Joe Yu, Randy M., David F.
50-59 – Moses H., Doug A., Joe H.
60+ – Gil S., Carter G., Vincent F.

Top Women
20-29 – Alexis H. (Top Woman)
30-29 – Ivy C., Nichole U.
40-49 – Claudia K.
50-59 – Gert R., Theresa A., Donna M.
60+ – Jaqueline C., Mary K.

Here are the finish times:

Daniel A. - 51.10
Doug A. - 31:45
Theresa A. - 51:10
Tom A. - 25:02
Joseph A. - 83:44
Eric B. - 38:19
Blair B. - 69:33
Joe B. - 67:05
Jay C. - 25:46
Glen C. - 39:56
Ivy C. - 39:47
Jacqueline C. - 50:49
Siong C. - 40:58
Ken C. - 65:18
Tony C. - 63:00
David C. - 32:28
Jan D. - 80:26
Steven E. - 33:24
Vincent F. - 40:02
Roger F. - 73:05
John F. - (Barefoot) - 49:10
Andrew F. - 33:55
James G. - 36:10
Jennifer G. - (2 kids) - 69:33
Gil G. - 58:16
Laura G. & Chico – 90:00
Joe H. - 32:35
George H. - 25:02
Pam H. - 43:48
Lupita H. - 79:02
Moises H. - 79:02
Doug H. - 31:08
Alexys H. - 32:18
Christopher H. - 39:22
James H. - 62:28
Mary K. - 62:28
Thaddeus K. - 45:26
Claudia K. - 73:04
Paul K. - 40:11
Jon K. - 40:50
Andy L. - 55:42
Nilo L. - 60:28
Mike M. - 34:35
Randy M. - 29:05
Donna M. - 60:26
Ron M. - 33:47
Dick M. - 47:11
Thomas M. - 26:24
James O. - 59.18
Lee P. - 23:21
Richard P. - 36:37
Robert P. - 80:26
Jim R. - 33:21
Gert R. - 42:40
Peter R. - 36:27
Laurie R. - 67:11
Robby R. - 49:53
Rafael R. - 41:25
George R. - 33:15
Mani S. - 36:35
Gil S. - 37:31
Andy S. - 49:51
Julio S. - 38:49
Danny T. - 47:33
Daniel T. - 49:23
Nicole U. - 47:45
Tony V. - 40:55
Mike W. - 44:33
Edwin W. - 46:41
Joe Y. - 27:26
C. (Top Youth) - 46:38
A. (2nd Place Youth) - 48.28
Becky (Resort Co-Owner) - 48.37

Congratulations to all! We all look forward to the Second Annual Bare Burro 5K!


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